For A, and the many times you have burnt my body

Lies. Like adrenaline pump life. Make us woke. In just enough time to do foolish things. Because one-night stands are stories we swear to never repeat Until our bodies catch feelings and we attempt to burn evidence of it In several wild sexcapades.   Truth. There is something about a person needing several shots of … Continue reading For A, and the many times you have burnt my body

Life: Conquering It, Living It

Every day we discover parts of ourselves we never thought existed That beyond the chaos and the suffering Beyond our fears and our many lacking things There is a will, more resolute than just conquering life A promise and hope within us that we desperately must cling to We have so much strength is it … Continue reading Life: Conquering It, Living It

Because love, this morsel, is just not enough

Actually, this was inspired by the #kpodolachallenge. But (of course!) since I didn’t get around to submitting it, I figured maybe I should post it on here. Because love, this morsel, is just not enough There’s no such thing as a ‘sort of relationship’ There’s no ‘kind of, maybe, let’s be together’ There’s no doubt, ‘baby, … Continue reading Because love, this morsel, is just not enough

People of unquenchable fires

We are ruins We are fallen towers We are remnants of Fragments of Our broken selves We are pieces And loose ends Bits and bobs Bric-a-brac Rubbles and shards We are tempestuous spirits Breaking walls People with spikes for bodies And rootless limbs for souls We are mares and stallions Running free Wildflowers Thriving on … Continue reading People of unquenchable fires

Labor of love

There is no story of love without sacrifices No joy where there’s never been pain There’s no happiness where sorrow hasn’t thrived There’s none. No victories without labor. There’s not a sacrifice greater than loving without self Or any pain larger than a soul without joy There’s no sorrow more deathly than an unhappy heart … Continue reading Labor of love