For A, and the many times you have burnt my body


Like adrenaline pump life. Make us woke.

In just enough time to do foolish things.

Because one-night stands are stories we swear to never repeat

Until our bodies catch feelings and we attempt to burn evidence of it

In several wild sexcapades.



There is something about a person needing several shots of it.

Before sanity scrapes the folly off their eyes.

You’re alone in this bubble and it’s going to burst. Run.

But you can’t.

The last of it hits you.

As if you’re anesthetized and time contains you.

You’re cold.

In a room that feels that like it’s just been torched.

Your stomach turns. And crumples. And kneads

Like the diarrhea it announces when you’re anxious or too nervous.

Only this time there’s less physical awkwardness

And the pain coming is from a place beyond the soul.



On its own it triggers bearable harm.

What makes it insufferable is the thought that we ourselves, might have been guilty of giving it all the venom it needed to destroy us.

Like when I thought I could love you enough for the two of us.

To balance out this rollercoaster relationship.

This, fucking love.



A single emotion of fear

You pretend they don’t care

so you can also stop caring.

Have reason to hate.

Reason to shut yourself out.

Reason to be bitter.

Reason to spite.

Reason to have all the reasons

to justify your overthinking

of things.



So full of soul

You’re a lot of sun.

A lot of wind.

A lot of rain.

And a lot of storm.


They’re afraid.

Afraid of your being.

Terrified even.

Of how one person.

Can be so full of.



A morning without dreams

Look at the fireflies

They steal the night

like an august memory

not wanting to die

And you,

draw me

into a morning

without dreams?

Image Courtesy: befreeandsurf.tumblr.com

Image Courtesy: befreeandsurf.tumblr.com


Pensive Moments

As if I could erase

you from my thoughts

As if I could, but wouldn’t

As if I could

Pretend your words don’t excite me

that they,

don’t nibble at my ear lobe

and jump into my head

chasing me in wild circles

As if I could

expunge your being

and purge myself

of the longingness

of the pensive moments

of all of your foolhardiness

As if I could hold you

like a candle light

and blow you out in a breath

then feel your darkness

like you’re gone.



To live bountifully

It is almost treacherous that we would walk this path

Living life by its distractions

Clasping our sorrows within the palms of our heart

But whiles we are dying our dreams are living away

Unperturbed by the ripples that torment aface

There is a depth of sorrow that climbs us

Resounding truth down the hearer’s drum

and gathering moss along her bitter walls

Still there is light boring through us

The kind that pierces a river’s lucent heart

and sets upon her the soul’s pathway

Here we shall receive our tire’s rest

and live owing to ourselves to die trying

So that when the haze finally clears

and dew softens our earth

We shall search no more

For that which is already found

ImageCourtesy: www.tm.org

Authors Note: Happy 2016. Live. You owe it to yourself!