What Are You Telling Yourself?

“Our minds love sound. Our minds remember sound. Our minds recreate sound.” Nothing you want will ever come easy. Why don’t you go back into time, think, was there anything you really wanted, truly wanted, badly wanted, that was just handed over to you – that was just uprooted from its pre-designed space in this … Continue reading What Are You Telling Yourself?

Life: Conquering It, Living It

Every day we discover parts of ourselves we never thought existed That beyond the chaos and the suffering Beyond our fears and our many lacking things There is a will, more resolute than just conquering life A promise and hope within us that we desperately must cling to We have so much strength is it … Continue reading Life: Conquering It, Living It


Soon, dawn withers; even the dew Minutes shorten, breath goes Life breaks, and the ground receives There comes the end to much; even silence Then words begin to chase winds Like life. Sober, dry and gone. We will pay that which is due when winter comes and cold creates No peace, like a little gnome … Continue reading Winter

Happy People

We had all been happy, somewhat. In our plentyness, our littleness; in our knowledgeableness, or lack of it, we had all been content.   I’d say it wasn’t our inadequacy; our intent to ever feel derisory, or deficient and lacking, but at some point in our modest lives   we had been exposed to something, … Continue reading Happy People