About Me


“Where I come from, art doesn’t sweat. It doesn’t put food on the table. It doesn’t retire a good life. But this is the path I have chosen. It is like staring at a huge brick wall hoping it would sing to me. It actually does.”

Reading, for me, has always been fun. Growing up I read everything from billboards to the few books I got from my friends in school, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I started to write a few short stories.

Coming from a place where “writing doesn’t exactly put food on the table or retire a good life”, I waived my passion and went ahead to study Economics at the university. But my desire for the art was far from forgotten.

Today, I have decided to devotedly follow what I love to do.

36 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Whenever I am bored I surf the internet prior to my surfing journey I eventually, click on http://www.poetryetal.wordpress.com 🙂 wow what an online space to be; where I read the best of articles that gets me inspiration for the next painting on my artboard; the best lines of code for my developing software; the next character to be animated; the going concern is here…I LOVE TO READ FROM POETRY ET AL.

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    • naatakia says:

      Hello Nii, thanks a lot for following my updates. I feel inspired that you are inspired. I have also been reading your blog. I’d add you to my list and you can do same. It would help people find our blogs easier. I’d be posting again pretty soon so please, do stick around 🙂

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    • naatakia says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words @master oasis. It is a delight to me that you are inspired by my poems. I in the same way came to know poetry so I understand what you mean. Keep the fire burning and lets continue writing 🙂


    • naatakia says:

      Hello Insung, Thanks a bunch for passing blog my blog and I am grateful that you find my quotes and thoughts powerful. Much love 🙂


  2. Eddie says:

    spur us on with your thoughts, spur us on with your poems, hit that keyboard with your emotions, make it count! indeed, you’ve already made it count. Keep on writing, don’t be deterred……..fellow poet Eddie Tizzle

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    • naatakia says:

      Hi eddie, Thanks a lot for passing by my blog. Its an honour to receive such positive feedback from you. Stay glorious 🙂


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