• No. PDOA, Please  |Published in the Kalahari Review. A short-story about how dysfunctional parent-child relationships and patterns can have deleterious effects on the social and cognitive development of children and young adults, published in The Kalahari Review.
  • “The Box of Memories”|published in Brittle Paper. “And you watch movies made from these books…and in this one, a man literally unwraps a woman like a candy. She turns and turns and twirls until the removing is done.
  • Let’s Talk About ‘This Thing’|Published in the Kalahari Review. An all dialogue story on mental health with emphasis on food addiction, sleep disorders, childhood trauma, and family systems.
  • Spirit Things|Published in Afridiaspora. “Do ‘born again’ people sleep this way? Do nightmares take on female names and simulate sex with their victims? But they do, they can, and you already have an excuse for the woman lying beside you, hearing you moan and coil and wriggle and say names and mention places – an excuse you yourself will laugh at on any other day, “believers are so gullible to believe in stupid things like spirit wives and spirit husbands and spirit things”
  • Men Who Are Highly Flammable. Women Who Set Themselves on Fire |Published in the Kalahari Review. “What do people think about when they are peeing in the toilet? Do they brood about serious issues like the bad economy? Do they attempt to calculate the distance between their genitals and the toilet bowl? Do they concentrate on the splutter sound their urine makes when it hits the water?”
  • Faa Bii |Published in the Kalahari Review. “A wonderful new piece of African fantasy fiction by Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo”



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