Because love, this morsel, is just not enough

Actually, this was inspired by the #kpodolachallenge. But (of course!) since I didn’t get around to submitting it, I figured maybe I should post it on here.

Because love, this morsel, is just not enough

There’s no such thing as a ‘sort of relationship’

There’s no ‘kind of, maybe, let’s be together’

There’s no doubt, ‘baby, I want you, but I’m not sure’

No trying, ‘okay, let’s see if this will work’


Bad Talk. All you’re giving me is drifting words

Words that have no grip

Words that are limp

I can almost feel their sag

Before their last letter escapes your lips


Words, these same

That hop out of your throat

Without feelings or a care

Of the magnitude of their torture


I watch your tongue curl as your lips deliver the poison of a thing

You want going on between us like I don’t have a say

Like I should take it or leave it

Like it’s the best that will come my way

Like I should thank you for this generosity


I cannot begin to tell you, though, how grateful I am

That you show me love, this, much

That you consider me worthy to receive

This charity you give.


But when it comes to matters of my heart

And how it can be shattered into a thousand pieces

By non-commitments like yours

I swear, I’d rather take the lone way home

Because love, this morsel, is just not enough.



Desires. Heartbreak. Healing.

Find it.

Find your wings

And darling fly.

Fly from this place

That brings you no joy.


Home will be beautiful

Someday we will leave

this pain behind,

and all the suffering

that has been etched

on our skin will fade away.

We will tear into new bodies

created out of our will to live.

Home will be beautiful

and I promise,

we will get there.



Silver and Word

When lovers meet

It is like lightning and thunder

Silver and Word

They strike through each other

They belong

They fit into the skies

They make light and sound

They scatter the heavens

and plunge the earth into great fear

Sometimes they awaken




So you
remember me,
my pure Acacia.

So you remember
my innocent love;
my earliest charms?


I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.

My Acacia.

Image Courtesy: flowerwallpapers.org

Image Courtesy: flowerwallpapers.org


The pains of waiting

To think she had gotten used to this;

his never coming home

and when he did, he was gone

Like darkness that meets light

No. Like a shadow that meets night

There ought to be something

that one can do

to make the pains of waiting easier

There ought to be something

to ease this torture

Or someone. Yes someone

But what if this someone

is the same that’s causing the heart’s throb

No. There ought to be something

A thing.


The lonely

It is cold outside

but inside

is even colder

the air is lonely

and the winds quieter

The earth doesn’t sing

and the shadows

stopped moving




They say death is tragic

But to those of us

who have died

a million periods

run-over by our own

desires to belong

and consumed by

a great loss

of what we perceived

as bliss

death remoulds life

so much so that

even if we do not see

the sunrise

even if we do not

own our windows

even if the darkness

arcs into our faces

and we are never

to retain our light

we will still continue to live

all the more so

in the gaps of a lifetime

in the cuts of the moment



Just a salient frame

Shall I plough through your mind

and dig up your last words

or shall I tell you again

that I waited




dear Saturday

Shall I remind you

the sun is soon upon us

and yet, this cold blade

is still plunged deep

in my sorrowing heart

Shall I still behold

this thought

till Sunday’s dusk

Or shall I forget


will I not forget

that you are


a salient frame

on a wall

I cannot reach?



A place of happiness

Would you again

my covert darling,

take me back to the place

where you first hugged

the giggle out of me

and would you allow

that I,

once again

hold you

like the skies hold the sun?