Into Stars And Wander Nights

Take me over mountains

Let me feel their forceful edges

Take me into valleys

I yearn for butterfly strokes

Take me to the ends of this world

So I can reconcile its beginning

Take me in

to you:

into stars and wander nights.


When you find love

When you find love

As little as it sparks

Hold it gently

Give it space to breathe air

Let it contact water

Let it know darkness

Let it waver in the wind

Let it triumph,

by itself,



Love and many things that overwhelm

They say you are Wind

driving them to farthest biosphere of reason

Storm, stifling their sett with your brass neck

You’ve become kite they present to the skies

Yet refuse to let go

Rain that pleases their thirst,

drowning their soul


They say you are Music

You are words they want to hear

You are verses of a poem,

written at dawn, gorged with passion

You are sands of the ocean

Slowly digging under their feet

Until they plunge into your deepness


They say you are Waves

Forceful, riveting their thoughts

A wealth of stars

Chasing their darkness in one night

An all-pervading moon, defeating the skies

A yawning river, they’re afraid to cross


They say you are Breath

Rushing their lungs

Some air they cannot hold

Heaven at dock

Too perfect they don’t deserve


They say you are Lava

Erupting from beneath their skin

They cannot bear your heat

You’re too much fire to be seized in one torch

Too much life to be captured in a single frame


They say you are Love

and many things that overwhelm

You are for them

Not for them

And other confusing stances

clogging from all sides

they’d rather be free

of the conventional margins



A circus of all sorts

I write about you

Did I ever tell you

I write about

the things you never say

but, I wish you did

I write about you

because there are questions

I need to find answers to

Many sentences

left unpunctuated

The gaps in your words

The longness of your breath

I write about

our once happy moments

From the times

that were good

Those times

your laughter had life

and your words had soul

I write about

when we could talk freely

without hurting each other

Without the screams

Without the unkind words

I write about us

before we

rapidly spiraled

into this circus of all sorts


Dear Roué

I would have loved 

an end like those 

in hard cover books

of princes and princesses

dragons and knights

potions and kisses 

but loving you

is far more tortuous

It is like breathing around 

a life so toxic

I’m bidding its venom

to wake 



A place of happiness

Would you again

my covert darling,

take me back to the place

where you first hugged

the giggle out of me

and would you allow

that I,

once again

hold you

like the skies hold the sun?



There isn’t hope for everyone

ImageCourtesy: phuongpurin.blogspot.com

I don’t react well to disappointment

the kind that hits so hard you can but only stand

and remind yourself that no one

ought love this deep

And then waking up becomes a lie

sunrise, sunset, all one and the same

agonizing truth, cold staring in the face

you wonder if you never labored enough

to save your insides the pain

 You gave me reasons to hold back that wrist

To say maybe today will be different

To die a million deaths to earn me a second of life with you

 Is it not love, something unquantifiable, defiant and stupid

Is it not me wanting my demon to whom I am so devoted

that even when I know you will never turn up

I thought-pick a memory

of moonlit shade, music and quiet kisses

and listen to each whisper so intimately defined


still foolishly hoping…



Tonight, I shall not grief

of what lacks me yet.

For even in the bloom of my full bosom,

you teach me that love

can never thrive where it isn’t.


I will not have the sun

set upon my face

or pull the moon’s shadow

across my cheeks.


For daylight brings news

that I must live.

And by the words of this Word

It is that, I will to do.


ImageCourtesy: wallpaperwidehd.blogspot.com

ImageCourtesy: wallpaperwidehd.blogspot.com