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How To Create Content Your Audience Loves (learning from James Altucher)

Content creation has never been an easy task. You can ask content creators all around and they will tell you, one of the hardest parts of running a media platform; be it print or online, is developing relevant content the audience loves.

Content Creators don’t only have to look far and wide for ideas, interesting concepts are not as far-stretched as we think. What I have realized from following certain huge influencers on professional platforms like LinkedIn, is that most of these people who inspire us to be the better of ourselves in our personal and professional development plans are people who relate to us on an everyday level with everyday situations.

About a week ago, I got an email newsletter from top LinkedIn Influencer James Altucher in which he was recommending a new product, a razor blade.

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Writing Tips

3 Reasons why being a perfectionist, or your own critic is not such a bad idea

Every day I wake up, I ask myself, Can I really do this? Can I take one more day of this life I am so used to, and yet I never seem to get a hang of?

How is today going to be like? Will it be rewarding or will I go round in circles trying to link dots that never seem to connect? Will I experience something refreshing that will cause me to continue this path, or will I give in to gloom? Will I live? Will I live knowing that I have to, or will I live simply because I want to? Because I want to, live for me?

There are days when I am tired. Stressed. Exhausted from doing the damn same thing. Every. Single. Day. Days when I pull the plug on myself. No books. No poetry. No friends. No calls. Nothing, but a critical self.

I have come to realize that we, writers, have a 1000 lives. Every day, a little bit of us enters a vault. Without coffee; without cigarette, or a cat that truly understands.

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Writing Tips

How to choose the right headline for an article

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. “—David Ogilvy

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on an email newsletter for an organization I’m engaged with. Now I needed the right subject for the newsletter; something that would make people want to click to read. I mean of what use is great content if no one reads?

A colleague of mine suggested a subject I thought was too cliché. I said, ‘Everyone has heard this before. Won’t that make them roll their eyes and mark the email as ‘read’, or worse delete it, or even worse unsubscribe to the newsletter?

This was his response to me ‘Maybe it’s cliché because everyone uses it. Maybe everyone uses it because it actually works. Have you thought of that?’

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How deeply dreams are woke

before they are shattered

I can almost touch you

feel your  burning arms


And then you say to me:

‘I cannot stay’

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The lonely

It is cold outside

but inside

is even colder

the air is lonely

and the winds quieter

The earth doesn’t sing

and the shadows

stopped moving



Dear Roué

I would have loved 

an end like those 

in hard cover books

of princes and princesses

dragons and knights

potions and kisses 

but loving you

is far more tortuous

It is like breathing around 

a life so toxic

I’m bidding its venom

to wake 




They say death is tragic

But to those of us

who have died

a million periods

run-over by our own

desires to belong

and consumed by

a great loss

of what we perceived

as bliss

death remoulds life

so much so that

even if we do not see

the sunrise

even if we do not

own our windows

even if the darkness

arcs into our faces

and we are never

to retain our light

we will still continue to live

all the more so

in the gaps of a lifetime

in the cuts of the moment



Pensive Moments

As if I could erase

you from my thoughts

As if I could, but wouldn’t

As if I could

Pretend your words don’t excite me

that they,

don’t nibble at my ear lobe

and jump into my head

chasing me in wild circles

As if I could

expunge your being

and purge myself

of the longingness

of the pensive moments

of all of your foolhardiness

As if I could hold you

like a candle light

and blow you out in a breath

then feel your darkness

like you’re gone.


Guest Blogger, Poetry

Guest Blog, Marie Gratia Bamurange, Rwandan Writer

A few months after I hosted my first guest blogger, Amma Konadu, with Old habits…die, I bring you yet another writer, Marie Gratia Bamurange, from Rwanda.

I’m yet to meet Marie Gratia in person, but being a firm believer of a writer’s work going ahead of them, I’d love for you to check out her brevity poem Inclinations beside the stream below and tell us what you think of it.



Inclinations beside the stream

This one surpasses
it blows…
amidst the buds of rain
and the sound of translucence
polishing the soils up on the forbidden hill
stitching roots halfway
collecting the left overs
of June’s sand in a pile
this one stains

About the Author: Rwandan, loves to read and sometimes write. I do both to discover and liberate myself. Link: https://medium.com/@bgratia


God’s playground

PhotoCredit: www.muzeumslaskie.pl

Jonah must have been stupid.

He went down to Joppa

and took a ship for Tarshish

when he knew very well

the sea was God’s playground.

No one could possibly

hide from God on the sea;

it’s as open as the skies,

and it looks straight up to the Heavens.

That reminds me.

I broke one of the commandments yesterday,

and it’s kind of like a serious one.

My room isn’t God’s playground right?

Let me see. It’s quite small and it’s got a roof.

But isn’t earth another of God’s playground?