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The ability to create and to be able to breathe life into that creation, so that it stirs a reader in many different ways – maybe takes them into a past, enables them to make meaning or interpret some present, or even throws them into a future in such a way that their minds are opened to the many possibilities, for me, is truly a kind of magic I never want to lose.

When you find love

When you find love

As little as it sparks

Hold it gently

Give it space to breathe air

Let it contact water

Let it know darkness

Let it waver in the wind

Let it triumph,

by itself,


2 responses to “When you find love”

  1. Wonderful poem

    My version..

    When you find love
    Be sure to call me
    I’ll be waiting to say goodbye
    Ready to let you go
    Like the air I breathe
    I know someday I’ll wither
    But I’d have done right
    And feel at peace when you’ve left
    Because when you find love
    Just maybe
    You’ll find yourself


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    1. ‘Because when you find love
      Just maybe
      You’ll find yourself’

      Beautiful! 🙂

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