#WorldPoetryDay: A MAN AT SEA

Have you not been gone so long

that your footprints died

with the waves that hit shore

I wonder if you’ve caught any winds yet;

the squalls you so blindly sailed after

I wonder if life, at large,

has taught you anything

other than self and narcissism

Someday you will remember

who you left behind

Someday when you find that

you’ve been sailing alone

and the pearls you’ve collected

are not enough to kill your loneliness

Maybe then,

you will look for home

and set your sails back to her

hoping she still waits

But before then

continue believing that home

has shackles that tie you down

Continue dreaming of the vast sea

Continue exploring the depths of her waters

Continue collecting trophies of the deep

without anyone with whom to share

Image Courtesy: movingonupaway.com

Image Courtesy: movingonupaway.com