‘The Partner’ by John Grisham (A legally thrilling, but ultimately annoying 468-page book)

Discovering an old novel I was yet to read languishing around the house was a pleasant surprise which tickled and roused all my reading buds. Since I’ve been pushed, somewhat, into a lot of ‘me’ time lately, I can use all of such ‘lost and found’ books, and every so often movies too. In fact, I’ve been alternating between the two for a while now.  So yeah, whiles social media has been bustling with US Elections and the Trump effect, I’ve been busy on the yellow pages. Let me remind you again that my favorite kind of books are the ones with the yellow pages.

Honestly, I did a little dance when I found John Grisham’s The Partner. I was happy I had found something ‘new’ to read.


Lost and Found Book! Yay! 😀 😀

This is the first book I have read from him, and I can promise that if John pulls another stunt like that on me again, I will head straight to his website or wherever I can find him and spell my rage in caps and exclamation marks with all the swear words I can find.

Alright. That settled, let me give you a synopsis of this legally thrilling, but ultimately annoying 468-page book that got me all grumpy last night.

Patrick Lanigan, a young lawyer and newly made partner of a law firm, gets in an accident and dies, leaving behind a wife and a daughter.

Well, so it seems until he comes back to life as Danilo Silva.

Apparently, Patrick was tired of his bad marriage to a superficial and cheating-from-day-one wife, with a daughter he knew wasn’t his. He was stuck in a job he hated and when he covertly discovered that he was going to be fired, faked his own death and bolted with ninety-million dollars of his firm’s money.

With such an amount of money to spend, life could be luxuriant. But it came at a cost; constantly being on the run and fearful of one’s own shadows.

As Patrick foresaw in his meticulous plan, the past finally catches up with him and he is brought home where everyone impatiently waits for a pound of his flesh. But not before the million-dollar question is asked, ‘where is the money’? There are other charges leveled against him; charges of capital murder because if Patrick is alive, then whose incinerated body was found in the car?

The trial is to be one helluva show, and the prosecutors in for one shocking ride!

Now skipping to the part of this book that got all sorts of angry chemicals released into my bloodstream, the end. No, I mean the end of the book. The part where we all want the happily ever after or at least, a satisfying twist. But dear John had something else planned for me.

Seriously John, where the hell did Eva disappear to?!

Such a cliffhanger! I can think of only one way this story could should have ended. That is, Patrick walks, gets reunited with Eva, they have a dozen babies and live happily ever after.

Mr. Grisham, how can you take away this moment in what could have been a perfect story? I mean how can you do this?  I strongly demand the end of this story be rewritten or I will write it myself. After all, there’s still two and a half blank pages left at the back. Humph!!!


Rewrite the story. Please 😦

But folks, outside all this bamboozling, The Partner is quite interesting. Grab a copy if you haven’t read it yet. And when you get to that ‘unfortunate’ end, yeah, I thought so too!