Random Thoughts

What Are You Telling Yourself?

“Our minds love sound. Our minds remember sound. Our minds recreate sound.”

Nothing you want will ever come easy. Why don’t you go back into time, think, was there anything you really wanted, truly wanted, badly wanted, that was just handed over to you – that was just uprooted from its pre-designed space in this world and planted in your hands like a gift, just like that? No.

You ought to know, by now, that things do not work this way. Things do not arrange themselves or shift themselves or package themselves in this manner. Something has to move them. Something has to touch them. Something has to brush against them that will cause an alteration, a change in position, belonging, and ownership.

Things don’t just happen, you have to make them happen, and if you think you cannot make them happen because you lack the expertise, or that you are undeserving of the re-positioning of things, then you have to create an atmosphere for you to deserve it. You have to create an existence of the want and tell your mind about it. You have to tell your mind that you deserve it. That you want it. That you’ve been waiting for it. You have to make your mind hear you speak.

There’s something about sound. Our minds love sound. Our minds remember sound. Our minds recreate sound. Take the sounding of a bell for instance. It rings and rings and rings so that even when it’s no longer ringing you can hear it. You think you can hear it. Or even the buzzing of a mosquito or a large green disgusting housefly. It whizzes past your ear; makes that irritating sound that makes you bend your head sideways. Still, seconds and minutes after it’s gone, you can hear the buzz, even feel it such that you want to fan your ear.

The mind is an interesting thing. Perhaps we should encourage people to speak more to themselves instead of leaving that aspect to be explored only by those roaming naked on our streets. But of course, it actually depends on what you’re telling yourself.



ImageCourstey: brightsidecounseling.net

ImageCourstey: brightsidecounseling.net

Somebody once told me, “forgive easily and forget heartily.” It never meant much to me at that time until I realized how true her words were.

Forgiving not only rids you of unnecessary heart throb but it purifies and makes your whole being beautiful and happy.
Somebody betrayed you so what?
Somebody hurt you and so?
Are you pissed? Angry? Mad? Hurt?
Do you have any idea how many times and how many people hurt Our Lord Jesus and yet He forgave them all?

Bluntly, those negative emotions will never help you; on the contrary they will pin you down and prevent you from reaching your goals. Forgiveness is only found in God. When you nurture your heart to love more and forgive easily, you will always find peace that only Our Father in Heaven gives.

So next time when somebody wrongs you, don’t bother documenting it. See it this way, “You will sit on your treasure by refusing to forgive!”

“Breathe, let go of the pain; breathe, let go of the pain; breathe; let go of the pain.”
Try this as many times as you have to until you feel your heart smile and forgive. God be with you at all times. Happy Tuesday ❤


There is Power in Your Words!!!

Image Courtesy: bighugelabs.com

Image Courtesy: bighugelabs.com


It is another great morning and I seek to inspire you for the week as usual.  The message I feel moved to share with you this morning is themed “There is power in your words!”  I was listening to a preacher this morning on this same theme and I got so inspired to share this short message with you.

Our tongues are vessels with which we proclaim life or death; our tongues are mediums through which we unleash good or evil into our lives and the lives of others around us. As individuals and Christians for that matter, we must be aware and cautious of what words find their way out of our mouths. We should be careful of the words we utter.

Words…words have the immense power to do good or evil; to impact negatively or positively. This is neither a myth nor a superstition. Proclaiming positivity into your life aids it on the right path. Seeing the better side of everyone and everything elevates you to a higher ground.

These two words were stressed while I was still listening “Truth” and “Facts”. The world sees from the “facts” point of view, but you the Christian should see the “Truth” that will definitely set you free.

It may be a fact that you are greatly distressed, with no job or money, but the truth is that you are greatly blessed to be alive. One of the schemes of the devil is to steal the truth from us and make us see the negatives in our lives.

No matter what you do or what happens in your life, shut your mind to any negatives. Speak life and truth into your life beginning from now. Stay focused on God this week!


Until the World Makes a Change…


It used to be clean; a haven pure

A habitat of perfection

A kind reflection as the moulder

It was before a chain of love

And purity that lived


But change came

By man’s hand; changed was birthed

By the hunger for wisdom; change awoke

In law broken and disobeyed

Changed lived


The soil thickened and the rains froze

Grass withered and greens shrivelled

Sweat formed food, eaten with relish

And lips cracked as stomachs growled for those with none

And those who in abundance had, fed the dogs

Hunger knew man, and man sniffed famine


Change came with the blood

Clotted on metals sharp as steel

Change came with a passion for slaughter

Man faced man; arm on arm

The combat for vanity


Man passion arose his desire to kill

Eyes beheld the innocent and fragile

A year old, turned an object for sex’s fiery.

Relations in molest of their own

Sweat and blood fell to earth and sunk deep


The chase for wisdom

The quest for intelligence led to a path dark

Lived in Today


Until the world makes a change

Man continues to slay man


Until the world makes a change

The innocent will burn in the lust of men


Until the world makes a change

Death will dwell in our hearts


As change came by the hands of man

So shall restoration be now; by the hands of each man

Until you make a change in

Your thoughts, deeds, words and your hearts.


Until the world makes a change…




An undesired phase
An unhappy moment
A hated minute
We soak it all in
That is life’s perfect way
Of helping us grow
A pleasing day
A glad moment
A pleasant phase
We soak it all in
That is life’s way
Of rewarding our hard work
Each chapter of life
Brings a platform
A stepping stone
To help us grow
Each stage of life
Presents an opportunity
For maturity
An opportunity for success
Soak it all in
Be the sponge!



Fall On


I was staggering
And my strength was drained
My feet was failing
And I remember falling

And falling…
Needing something to hold on to
To keep me away from touching ground
Then I heard him

A gentle whisper
A gentle tap
I couldn’t see him
But I could hear him say

“You needn’t fail now
You needn’t give up hope
Life is much closer than you know
Just let yourself fall”

I never understood him
I thought of how mad he was
And rebuked him
But he laughed on and said…

“It is okay to rest
You cannot be up always
The sun lives, and so does the storm
It is okay to fall…”

I was cross now and called him a foul spirit
Sent to dry my hopes
And quench my dreams
But he whispered back…

“A fall though hurtful, may be
The best victory pill ever to take
When life presents a fall, look upon it
As an opportunity for rest.

I was quiet in reasoning
I was deep in thoughts
I was seeing sense
And I listened on

“When you fall, take a seat below
And smile…
Then lift up your head
See from where you fell”

I smiled and understood now
Yes I did
Falling was not defeat
But a disguised victory

I had seen not only the light
From which I had fallen
But so many other lights
Even brighter than the first

I breathed out
And laughed
So did he
We laughed

Then I held my breath
And allowed myself to fall
I was falling
Falling with a smile, and a great spirit…