Random Thoughts

I Should Stop Writing!

Where do writers go when they no longer want to write, because I’d be the first to head there right now. I am not used to venting out my frustrations on social media. I am trying hard to keep my personal life out of people’s faces (as if they don’t have problems of their own), but when I took to twitter last night to vent, I realized how deeply I had been cut. I have reached the point where my mouth has become sore from keeping mute over issues that are highly upsetting.

Why am I pissed? I’ll tell you why. I have just endured 48 hours (my most recent one) of people telling me which direction my ‘crooked little life’ should be headed. As usual, I’ve had a few more people giving me ‘the look’; that look of ‘is there something wrong with you?’

Trust me, I have tried, many times, and I am still trying to veer off the ‘Poets vs. Spoken Word Artists War’; who is more superior, who is nonpareil, who is larger, and for very good reasons.

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Along street edges.

Colorful petals
drinking rain
  along street edges.

ImageCourtesy: khjua.deviantart.com

ImageCourtesy: khjua.deviantart.com

Authors Notes: Walking along the streets this morning, I noticed that plants looked a little brighter after absorbing the rain. It was as though the rain gave more color to their petals. I felt inspired; and those were the exact words that came into my head 🙂