Stagnant Water

my body isn’t mine dawn and dusk

it belongs to the restlessness

the tomorrow never comes

only the in betweens are mine to control

my imperfections are mountains

i am climbing myself

rain is boring into my back

water is filling me up

i am too heavy

the slippery stones give

but the ground doesn’t want me

i attempt to fly

i am at the edge looking into the stomach of time

i don’t see wings but i have faith?

i imagine flapping

i take a leap

i fall

the ground doesn’t want me

my soul is a stagnant water


Rodent Parade

i have a whole room to myself.

yet, this is me crouching in one corner.

square rooms are prison cells.

they end everywhere.

can you smell the loneliness on my tired clothes?

sweat-drenched XXL Lacoste

made bed. too made to be lain in.

my mind is a gutter. all the waste gathers here.

it is a filthy, filthy place.

my memories are rats.

big ass rats gnawing into my brain.

last night was a rodent parade.



Beat back the drums of daylight
And send your cries as unrest to her bosom

Mother’s chin hangs down
And from her breathless nose
Trickles what is worth more than the tears of a phoenix.

They had her thoughts in a black cauldron
And tortured her mind with a man and a wife
They had given no pity to an unborn child

So now dusk will fight this sun
For noon I forbid be seen

Let the flute play sorrowfully on…
Into the mist
As mother rots with her little one
For this carnage will claim two more!