Until the World Makes a Change…


It used to be clean; a haven pure

A habitat of perfection

A kind reflection as the moulder

It was before a chain of love

And purity that lived


But change came

By man’s hand; changed was birthed

By the hunger for wisdom; change awoke

In law broken and disobeyed

Changed lived


The soil thickened and the rains froze

Grass withered and greens shrivelled

Sweat formed food, eaten with relish

And lips cracked as stomachs growled for those with none

And those who in abundance had, fed the dogs

Hunger knew man, and man sniffed famine


Change came with the blood

Clotted on metals sharp as steel

Change came with a passion for slaughter

Man faced man; arm on arm

The combat for vanity


Man passion arose his desire to kill

Eyes beheld the innocent and fragile

A year old, turned an object for sex’s fiery.

Relations in molest of their own

Sweat and blood fell to earth and sunk deep


The chase for wisdom

The quest for intelligence led to a path dark

Lived in Today


Until the world makes a change

Man continues to slay man


Until the world makes a change

The innocent will burn in the lust of men


Until the world makes a change

Death will dwell in our hearts


As change came by the hands of man

So shall restoration be now; by the hands of each man

Until you make a change in

Your thoughts, deeds, words and your hearts.


Until the world makes a change…