She fell in love, Mrs. Doldrums

You should tell your mother

you have found someone

She should see you



fumbling with words,

and sweating your palms out.

You should tell her

love does exist

while a little different

from what she has with your father,

that doesn’t allow them

to kiss,

even hold hands.

You should tell her

how light you feel

not bearing alone,


meant for two people…


8 thoughts on “She fell in love, Mrs. Doldrums

  1. Naa I have an related experience with this piece…. When your mother doesn’t want to hear you talk about relationships and matters related to those… I think i have to put it on paper.hhmmm!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • V. Naa Takia says:

      Thank you, as always I appreciate. This piece compares two kinds of love. The love the daughter has/is experiencing, and the kind she sees her parents share 🙂


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