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Guest Blog: Mohau Wordsmith Mohlamonyane, South African Writer and Poet

Hello poetry lovers and aficionados. On the 31st of July last year, I decided to open my blog to fellow writers and poets. I felt, and still feel this is a great way to connect with other creatives, and also an opportunity to show support and share their works with the world.

I started with my homeland’s own Amma Konadu. Although I (STILL) haven’t met her face to face, this lady is one after my heart. She has an amazing way with words. I love her prose (I’ve said it like a thousand times already). I love her.

Like Amma, I haven’t met Marie Gratia, yet. Marie Gratia is a Rwandan Writer and was my second Guest Blogger. She shared her poem Inclinations beside the stream right here.

It’s always exciting when someone hits you up, tells you they love what you do and want to be a part of it. Thank you, Mohau. You also happen to be my third Guest Blogger. Welcome, South Africa!

Mohau’s email to me had this quote in it, which I happen to love.

“Writing is a stone with no emotions as only those who understand its hard side can make it laugh, cry or even worse crawl.”

And now, I present to you his poem:

‘If I could live’

Let the earth 

filter my breath

Carry my mouth

with words of torture

How do I even

begin to cry

When the emptiness

of my burrows whistles daily

Is it how we ought

to grieve our talents

Maybe our funerals

are still prepared

by books never written.


What are your thoughts on this poem? Do share with me.

About Mohau: Mohau was born and bred in South Africa to a pastor and pastoress who had a major influence on his spiritual journey. He is passionate about writing, and believes poetry is a special gift that helps us understand who we really are. Mohau has been writing since 2013, and loves reading philosophy, psychology and business related content. You can connect with him on Facebook here





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