After all these years

You still reek of cowardice

Too afraid to jump in

Too afraid to let go

Too afraid to love yourself enough

And me       


Too afraid to commit

Too afraid of the edges

Too afraid to fall in

Too afraid to fly


A happy song


Too afraid to dance

And yet loving the lights

Too afraid to stumble

And yet wanting to rise


Too afraid of your own shadow

because it is dark and long at sunset

Too afraid

of the toll

so you take the freeway

ws_Couple_In_Love_Monochrome_1440x900 (1)

Image Courtesy: wallpaperstock.net

Authors Notes: I went out to seek some answers from my past, to my past. I found it in this poem. You know those old scores you have to settle much later; the whys you need to ask so can finally be free of them…


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