To live bountifully

It is almost treacherous that we would walk this path

Living life by its distractions

Clasping our sorrows within the palms of our heart

But whiles we are dying our dreams are living away

Unperturbed by the ripples that torment aface

There is a depth of sorrow that climbs us

Resounding truth down the hearer’s drum

and gathering moss along her bitter walls

Still there is light boring through us

The kind that pierces a river’s lucent heart

and sets upon her the soul’s pathway

Here we shall receive our tire’s rest

and live owing to ourselves to die trying

So that when the haze finally clears

and dew softens our earth

We shall search no more

For that which is already found

ImageCourtesy: www.tm.org

Authors Note: Happy 2016. Live. You owe it to yourself!


6 thoughts on “To live bountifully

  1. Reblogged this on OdenBK and commented:
    Some poems speak write to you, plucking at the strings of your thoughts, singing music that will replay in your mind for days….

    Thank you for this beautifully written piece.

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