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Being Busy is Not An Excuse NOT to Write! by @naatakia

If you think you are too busy to write, well think again!


Being Busy is not an excuse NOT to write!


Photo Credit: http://www.yahighway.com

The moment you launch your blog with a series of posts, and build an audience for yourself no matter how small, then comes the hard part; maintaining your cyber community.

Many blogs are on the verge of falling out for lack of posting, and blog owners tend to attribute this to not having time to write. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize the role a blog’s community plays in determining the when and what of posting.

This was my response to the question of how asked by a writer friend who had backslidden into the shadows of blogging with the inexcusable reason of being too busy.

“I’ve got a ton of things going on” he said “School work, exams, groups to manage, family to support, clients to attend to, blah blah blah

You see, I’d…

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