If sex was honest

PhotoCredit: katy-anne.com

Well I can’t get yesterday
and the many days before back
And if I could relocate the memories
they would be someplace I wouldn’t remember
Love comes easy when we are young
able to give it, without holding a fist
But then we grow older
and at some point we must really be done waiting
Church bells ring no longer
and we no more hear mother’s voice
So we are left with time and lotion
scrambling for a minute of devotion
to bury ourselves in strong latex
and smell like lace and wet boxers
O’ the many times I felt done in
It was going to be the last, no?
If sex was honest
I’d tell you I’m a rogue lover
give you my hopelessly stitched heart
and swear to you it beats


7 thoughts on “If sex was honest

  1. Sex, described as love making. Honestly isn’t love. It can’t be honest because in the first place there must be love before love making.most guys feel without sex then she doesn’t love me.Hmm, No way.! If sex was really honest there won’t be broken hearts, marriages, homes, and all the was broken prior to sex.

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  2. I have read over and over…
    I love the subtle rawness of this, and it reminds me of a number of poems I have read on real life love and sex and many many regrets. The titles don’t readily come to me, lol, I do a lot of random reads on poetryfoundation.org

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