Protest Night with #AbWPE

PhotoCredit: stormgrayson.com

PhotoCredit: stormgrayson.com

There’s always something new to discover when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Yesterday was Wednesday Poetry Evening, an initiative by @AfroBloggers.  Every Wednesday evening on Twitter, a theme is chosen and thrown to poets and writers to either share some of their old works (on that theme) or to compose on the go.

For a new initiative, it’s doing quite well in bringing to light very awesome poets and poems from all around.

Last night all #AfroPoets were invited to protest in poetry for any cause of their choice under the hash tag #AbWPE.

The protest themed challenge, I must admit, was really out of my comfort zone. However I still decided to give it a shot. After all, it would be my accomplishment of at least 30 minutes of writing every day.

So I plunged into the challenge with Stringed Willfully, a poem I wrote sometime back. I do believe we should all have a mind of our own. I also composed a few on the tl within twitter’s 140 character limit.

Here’s what I wrote

#Poem 1

We will not sit

hands in thighs

lips on ice

tongues tied

and accept the lies

#Poem 2

Today, we do not rise against strangers

but our very own who spit on our faces

#Poem 3

They say we hush

I say

we speak

#Poem 4

We will kiss this freedom goodbye

If it means a chain to our minds

through our mouths

#Poem 5

They carved us

into dead wooden dolls

Now we come alive

to take what is ours

#Poem 6

All we need

is a straight line

—level headed citizens

Who can pull down

An unevenly built society

This blog post will definitely not be complete if I do not share some of my favorite poems of the night. So here, in no particular order I give you,

#Poem 1- @Afrobloggers


men are the weeds

women are trying

to outgrow…

But for how long

shall patriarchy rule?

#Poem 2 –  @Afrobloggers

At some point

we must all become activists

for injustice wears many faces

#Poem 3- @TuliTokyo

The Voiceless shall speak

The weak are on their feet

Sit back no more




We won’t accept defeat

#Poem 4 – @JoshAgaba

We hear the screams

of battered childhoods

and damaged futures

Who will drink their sorrow?

The future?

The list is not exhaustive, I could go on and on. But in as much as I would like to share more, I wouldn’t want to make this post too dense.

Do well to join in the conversation next Wednesday. I’m sure you’d have lots of fun. For now, mind leaving a protest poem in the comment box below? 😀


6 thoughts on “Protest Night with #AbWPE

  1. we ought to listen with our ears
    our lungs are flamed by ignorance
    only love keeps attached to humanity
    at least we have not lost our virginity

    insanity was the only the truth we knew
    least we thought lies smiled at us
    but we were wrong as they were witing on us
    to lead or not to be lead it seemed a mystery

    ancient thoughts thoughts become the realness of our fears
    we tabulate their lives in our chest
    hoping that our mirrors would shine brightly in the dark

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  2. Nii Saki says:

    Dear Puppeteer,
    I very much appreciate your strings
    That tug at my bleeding heart.


    I very much enjoy the dance,
    That my limbs are forced into.

    I come with a song of appreciation,
    Taught by my conscience,
    Sung by my heart,
    But hushed by my throat.

    It starts with ony3 s))mi.

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  3. ## UNEDITED _ my response after reading this thread

    they sit high with calm on a heap
    while you, you and you sit sad in the slam and weep
    you fight to make the line – you vote
    you work to break your spine – you devote

    they sit unpurturbed as issues splatter
    you sit, wishing all menaces curbed and your problems scamper
    future in qualms
    still struggling, cup in arms

    … to be continued.


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