5 interesting reasons why you should write every day

It is not impossible to write every day. No. I recently read an article about how important it was to dedicate 30 minutes of time each day to writing. It may seem hard at first, but when you do it often, you don’t only get your work done—whether you are working on a book, a poem or anything, but you also get to improve on yourself.

To help you get closer to achieving this, here are five (5) interesting reasons why you should write every day based on my experience.

  1. You enjoy anonymity: Though not readily admitted, writers tend to write a lot about themselves, their environment, their lives, their…everything! Yes, it is the only time you can actually talk about yourself, and get to know what other people think of you or your situation without having to give too much away.
  1. You get to be someone else: Haven’t we all at some point in time thought about how it would feel like to be out of our own skins. Well, writing allows you to take on any character you wish to be. There are really no restrictions—how ‘bout that?
  1. You get some alone time: Show us a better place to be alone with our thoughts and I’d take this point out. Writing is the only time you get an escape from everyone and everything. It is your only true space…at least for a while, till you can figure out how else to deal with the clutter.
  1. You get to live your fantasies: Is there something you would like to do, someone you would want to meet, some place you would love to go? You should write about it. It is the fastest route to all your fantasies.
  1. You get to explore yourself: Writing is the only way you can explore yourself out of yourself. Imagine—being able to stand out of your persona as you delve into and uncover certain depths within you that you never thought existed. Fascinating isn’t it?

That’s why writing is recommended every day.

PS: Do you have some more interesting reasons why writing should be everyday? Please share, I’d love to know 🙂


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