Before he tells a lie

Smothering kisses

little orange candle lights

I awake

right before he tells a lie.

PhotoCredit: pixhome.blogspot.com

PhotoCredit: pixhome.blogspot.com

Comment Prompt:What causes us to ignore visible signs of lies and deceit? Care to share your thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Before he tells a lie

  1. When you love someone and know you won’t hurt the person you desperately want to believe the person wouldn’t want to hurt you.
    You start to explain away obvious signs of impending hurt till its too late.

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    • Naa Takia says:

      Very true. When we love, we don’t just hope that our love will be reciprocated but our trust too. When it doesn’t seem that way, we begin to make excuses for that person-maybe this, maybe that.

      This keeps happening until it hits us hard in the face then we jump our senses and and ask what hit us so bad and why…(even that’s an attempt to find an excuse-the what and why)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts @EfoDela

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  2. Love.
    Love often causes us to ignore the signs of lies. It’s that little spark of hope inside us, that the other person won’t really hurt us and everything will turn out just fine, just the way it was, if we just pretend/ignore the lies coming our way…

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    • Naa Takia says:

      hmmm…in other words love gives us hope and a (little) faith that the other person wouldn’t hurt us. But is it enough to hope that someone won’t actually hurt you? It’s almost like putting your hand in the mouth of a crocodile and hoping it will not bite. Should we be that trusting? Especially when the signs repeat? @prospermind

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      • Excellent metaphor. Thinking about your question before immediately triggered the words love, trust, naiive and hope in my mind. There was a little scence in my head, which I was trying to portay a bit, but you got the point.
        No, of course it’s not enough to (only) hope that a loved one wouldn’t hurt you, you should know that they wouldn’t. This is quite difficult to answer, you see once you’ve opened that door to trusting someone you can’t simply close it, not even a little. When you decide to trust a person, something happens inside of you and there is no such thing as trusting a person a little bit, either you trust a person or you don’t. Do you know what I mean?
        You’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

        Should we be that trusting? Well, I don’t know. I mean we can’t foresee the future. Deciding wether to trust another person or not is already hard enough. Adding weight to trust itself, how much we trust someone, means making trusting another person even harder as it is.. This is a great question and certainly a question worth going much more into detail and not just scratching on the surface a little (like I just did).
        I’m typing this on my phone, which is a bit of a challenge. πŸ˜€
        I hope this makes just a little sense, I’m unable to scroll up and review my answer as a whole.

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      • Naa Takia says:

        mmmm. I think I do get you. There’s really no such thing as trusting a little. It’s either you trust someone or you don’t. But well, where would trusting but ‘double checking’ fall? lol.

        I know someone who trusted another to the bone. But when that trust was broken,(which took countless overlooks first) it was hard for her to trust again. She just had to keep her eyes open for a repeat of those signs she had fallen blind to before. And there’s the issue of vulnerability. It’s a love sickness. Once you are in love, you let down all your barriers.

        I think the question of if we should be trusting must be left to each one of us to answer personally-based on our experiences. Like you said, it’s quite too ‘deep’ to scratch on the surface.
        Typing on the phone can be frustrating, I know. But you managed to pull it off and we got you perfectly πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing your thoughts @prospermind


  3. Nana Kwasi says:

    The hope that what us being said will metamorphose into being true is one of the reasons. Nevertheless, as men(humans) our hearts are prone to believe the lie though we know we it may cut us deep to the last muscle of our ventricle.

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    • Naa Takia says:

      Well said but it just doesn’t feel right. How can an ‘obvious’ lie (most of the time we just know that we are being deceived) metamorphose into truth? How can we hope or expect black to turn to white? But yeah, that’s love. It can overlook a lot of things and find reasons to stay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @NanaKwasi πŸ™‚


  4. SignedArouge says:

    Sometimes you are blinded by a strong ardour, which you cannot rid of. This filter makes it easy to accept lies. I love the poem by the way. X

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    • Naa Takia says:

      Yes, I agree. Sometimes we get so crazy about people that we close our hearts to (early) signs that show any negativity of them.

      Or maybe, we just choose to ignore them…for love’s sake. It’s sad, but we must be awake. We owe ourselves that much.

      I’m happy you loved the poem, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts @SignedArouge
      xx Naa

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