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Writing—all the reward.

Pardon me, but I definitely won’t talk about this without appreciating you!

appreciating my art

Today I read an article that made me think about writing, its reward and what keeps us going. I know for sure I am not the first to jump on this tunnel of thought as this is a question that chimes in the mind of many writers.

We write for various reasons—hobby, purpose, a higher calling, just for the fun of it or as an occupation. Each one of these reasons serves more or less as the brick that puts up our foundation for the art and in the long run, becomes the ‘thing’ that will get us off our life clutter to write.

Notwithstanding whatever reason pushes us to do what we do, the underlying core is that writing is something we must want to do ourselves, voluntarily, first and foremost before we can succeed at it.

Unfortunately, it seems many of us young people are not willing to go through the extremely slow budding process of this skill.

The internet—with all its advantages can afford our art, to some extent, the same platform and the same audience. However. again, this same internet with time can still sift through serious writers, fame seekers, and rush mongers.

Recently, I have heard a couple of people asking how to make money off their writing. Wanting something more than emotional and psychological fulfillment out of your art is nothing abnormal. In fact, it is only ideal. After all, making an income from what you love doing is the best.

But if writing is to be our occupation, we’ll need a lot of patience to go through small empty loops, a ton of perseverance to push through crushing dreams and more bottles of ink to practice, everyday.

No one said it would be easy. Not for us; not for those who will read our work.

If we want to take our art to the next level, how about taking our art to the next level?

Appreciating on every level, those who get stuck with our work is appreciating ourselves in the long run. When we decide to write, let us write with our readers in mind; producing relevant and useful content. That is principal.

Before I attempt a not so grand exit, I’d like to appreciate another kind of art. Thank you Sam Wise for this lovely painting of me!


From Ghana, with love for the art, xx Naa



3 thoughts on “Writing—all the reward.

    • Naa Takia says:

      Hey there Felix, you found my hideout. Thanks for passing by. I’m glad you liked the read, and I do hope you stick around 🙂


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