Lonesome Someday Musing.

Who has time to speak some more

Is the nod in our silence

not words enough?


When touchy deeds no longer can sting

they only betray immunity

to a certain kind of pain.


And to what lies behind closure,

deep counts of lesion

that become lonesome someday musing.



4 thoughts on “Lonesome Someday Musing.

  1. Silence, immunity, sting, pain, closure and lesion; these are the words that stand out to me in the poem.
    They are the links that hold the whole poem together, take them out or even replace them with synonyms and the particular picture you want to paint with this poem becomes smudged.

    Great poem. Culminating nicely into the last line which is a perfect ending:

    “that become lonesome someday musing”

    Nine lines of poetry that say so much.
    Had to read it twice to appreciate it well.

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    • naatakia says:

      Thanks a lot for reading O’Zionn. Your comment humbles me. Do stick around some more. I’d be posting again real soon ☺


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