Sooth-Say’ Naught.

Life is a make of cores

telling ample truths heard by all, yet none.

And our perception of it is a knack

budding into a one sided phizog.


We search for what we have where it cannot be held

and seek to find readings to perverted acts through the

lines of our innocent palms.


Answers have their worth, yes.

They are nods of indulgence

but mysteries are of more quintessence

Unknow, and much flows in; sometimes out, but it wings us.


The heart, mind, our spirit, and will

are more in tune when they are without ties or probing eyes

looking to see what is beyond;

searching for what may already exist; or not.


For when the desire to know soars,

an unhappy soul wanders

and becomes prey to what it yearns to affirm.


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