ImageCourstey: brightsidecounseling.net

ImageCourstey: brightsidecounseling.net

Somebody once told me, “forgive easily and forget heartily.” It never meant much to me at that time until I realized how true her words were.

Forgiving not only rids you of unnecessary heart throb but it purifies and makes your whole being beautiful and happy.
Somebody betrayed you so what?
Somebody hurt you and so?
Are you pissed? Angry? Mad? Hurt?
Do you have any idea how many times and how many people hurt Our Lord Jesus and yet He forgave them all?

Bluntly, those negative emotions will never help you; on the contrary they will pin you down and prevent you from reaching your goals. Forgiveness is only found in God. When you nurture your heart to love more and forgive easily, you will always find peace that only Our Father in Heaven gives.

So next time when somebody wrongs you, don’t bother documenting it. See it this way, “You will sit on your treasure by refusing to forgive!”

“Breathe, let go of the pain; breathe, let go of the pain; breathe; let go of the pain.”
Try this as many times as you have to until you feel your heart smile and forgive. God be with you at all times. Happy Tuesday ❤


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