The time has come for night to caress the feet of day and tickle its sides into a hurried…
It is not this that drives me into a wall of towered pleasures, but my own…
This is my bile; a delightful death that sends sweet rhythms to his heart and breaks his knees…

Intense Intent.

When he lays his thoughts bare on my mind, I do not see it coated with a surety of bliss
to skip the past and future and savage the…
So I prey on his fear of passion and push to the edge, oh…
Calculating, devising, scheming and manipulating seconds, minutes and then stop…
walk away!

Intense Intent

One, two, I break my knuckles and watch on with fulfillment
He moans, he groans, and then he hisses in anger…
Pity, sympathy I feel but artfully resist his plea to give in
So I go on, playfully, teasing the sensitive
…I breathe, he breathes

Intense Intent.

Then when the moment rises and strikes on our full moan; predator turns prey
And the strength of his weakness becomes my fall
…I submit!
He advances, I retract; engages and I quiver

This intense intent!

♥Naa Takia


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