The beauties of this life are only found in the wild
where hearts pound, feet jump and thoughts run openly
somewhere…anywhere…and home is home

The heart is not a place to call pigs dainty or to call graceful
the angry grunt from its snout.
to you it was just a little red…but I saw a passionate little forever in it

or maybe?

Oh dear; maybe what I saw was a good-looking blend of cruelty and deception
…the second’s gain that became my minute’s pain and transformed
my days and years into faded, gray and agonizing nevers!

No! Let me not tread this path again, red is a lie!

Kisses and hugs are never forgotten, nor pain and bitterness dropped into a forgiving abyss
See the roses my love, the ones that I cared for and called my own
I will sit humming quietly and passionately pluck off every single petal I had foolishly named you.
And recall my time backwards when I lived the illusion of colours.

Red is stunning, stunning as the many lies your lips couldn’t refuse
Red is passion, passion that lasted only when I was worth your time
Red is vicious and angry…oh my heart throbs when I remember

So I will snap my fingers, bite my lips and stand in between stitches of time
Breathing deeply and letting go of what tomorrow will never be for me

…a walk with you once again in the wild
where hearts pound, feet jump and thoughts run
somewhere…anywhere…and home is home

but no!
Red is a lie. 

♥Naa Takia.


3 thoughts on “RED IS A LIE

  1. wsgeorge says:

    Oh this is a brilliant poem, Naa! I loved the long lines and the tenderness at the beginning, and how it suddenly turned to disappointment, rage and mistrust – just like most of life does.

    What I liked more was the refrain, the “red is a lie”, and the brilliant repetition of the last stanza at the end of this. Nice. 🙂


    • naatakia says:

      George, I’m happy and humbled you like this poem…I couldn’t agree with you more about its resemblance to life. Life sure has a way of making us feel over the moon then suddenly bursts our bubble with its somewhat nasty surprises. Thanks so much for reading and following Poetry et Al. I do hope you stick around.

      ♥Naa Takia.


      • wsgeorge says:

        I will. My project for next year is to discover the best in contemporary Ghanaian poetry. I’ve found my first gem 🙂


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