The spirit of time can be caged but its winds sweep memories into deep thoughts
Bitter are the hearts of the forgotten; warriors of sacrifice
Heroes saw the future yesterday and wept their sorrow into actions
Determined to give life to the dream of a black race

Araminta Ross

Look into the past gone; now look into our present
Sacrifices are forgotten and deeds only live on the barks of trees
Is history’s essence to only show the path of knowledge or is it to awaken its forces
Let me tell you of Araminta Ross

She was a daughter of the chains; born into an oppressed race in a depressing state
But not even the fear of tomorrow would paralyze her spirit

She was the strength of all…a heroine called “Moses”
Who saw another reason to fight behind every bleak eye

Left foot for heritage; right foot for freedom
Her life was not her’s but for all

Araminta Ross

Did the dust of sacrificial steps settle with the dream of a greater Africa
Did the sweat of our fallen heroes count as spit on the grounds of our land
Is today not a good time to call history back from its long slumber
Whatever happened to putting conscience before guilt

Lives were lost yesterday for Africa to be called home
But today lives are lived in greed and mockery of the dead
So let the books of past be shred into a thousand pieces
And the cries of the lost bring echoes of doom onto our countenance

Araminta Ross turns in her grave!


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