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Suddenly, all those years of reading words – beautiful, mysterious and frightful words were being let out — Naa Takia


“Life is a sorrowful joy…dream and smile
and when you stumble sit and sing.
It’s a jolly good morning Jeshua.”

He lived between the walls of today
a past peeking into tomorrow’s haze
But his thought was a sphere of gratitude.

Staggering from the weight of hunger pressed on him
he would still a smile gift to those little hearts he would never bear

“Life is a sorrowful joy…dream and smile
He would hum
…and when you stumble sit and sing
It’s a jolly good morning Jeshua.”

But when nightfal came
Strength he only had to whisper
As he looked into the stars with delight

“Mommy? Pa…pa?”
“But I don’t know papa.” He said
“Maybe I will now…for I will see them all soon.”

Jeshua had slept on
With his song playing more

“Life is a sorrowful joy…dream and smile
And when you atumble sit and sing
It’s a jolly good morning Jeshua..

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Meet Adom, my pretty cousin. Hope to have one of these little pumpkins soon. #ilovekids #adom ~In The Jaws Of An Old Song

Lying in the jaws of an old song
the sunken pieces of a jaded smile
brings an urn of cold grief.
To where the sun is maybe - weary.

#NaaTakia (Based on my mood today) For all writers out there who let the words out. 😊😊😉 Of course we look happy. Happy girls are the prettiest 😄😄😍😎💃👻 Nice place. #AfricanSun #FridayNight Who reads poetry when they are bored? ...and when you get the chance, dance! 💃💃💃 So this is the mischief I've been up to this morning. Hehehe.👻👻👻 Little miss reddie.🙌🙌😘😘😎🙈 Sometimes you need to let the "big" hair go #NaturalHair #AyigbeGirl #CornRoll Feeling funki fresh. #MoodPap #Weird What do you say when you wake up in the morning?

I say; Thank You Lord, You have been gracious! 🙌🙋 💃💃 #GladToBeAlive #Tuesday #ABlessedDay The price of success is hardwork, dedication to the job at hand and determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand--Vince Lombardi Independence Day! #NoMakeup #RiseNBuckleUp. Good Morning Ghana Kumasi here i come! 😁🙌🙋👻👻💃💃 #FirstTimeEver Happy Wednesday! let's rejoice and be glad in it. 😘😝😝😎🙋 Mmm somebody hold me! This little guy right here is sweetest 😘😋😎💋👌 Time does wait. Yes it does. But only for those who do not wait for it!!! #Tuesday #NaaTakiaQuotes #Inspiration 🙋🙌😘😎💁👪 #ReportSignature #Mossimo Selfie on top of that car. Life is beautiful when you always look up! 😍😗😋😘😎🙆🙌

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  • All the information you need can be given in dialogue. – Elmore Leonard 1 hour ago
  • Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1 hour ago
  • A poet can survive everything but a misprint. – Oscar Wilde 1 hour ago
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