Ties and Lies

I wouldn’t have called myself innocent; no…I wasn’t
But my gullible guilt came from the blood
Of the same who had known and taken me

You shall not blame my tongue for speaking these words
But to the soul and body that has been defiled
They both could mean the same

…Ties and Lies!

Innocence recognizes me no more; not in my husband’s eyes
But how will it? When the ties that held the truth
No longer told the unlikeness between blood and tears.


One thought on “Ties and Lies

  1. Dieu Donne says:

    Each of your poems usually take like an hour of my time. That’s five minutes to read, and fifty five mins trying to figure out the message you want to carry across. Now that may be a plus or a minus depending on one’s perspective and taste. I think I have an idea about what this poem is saying, but it’s too intense to discuss here =D . It’s a well written poem.


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