Up in smoke!




See, withered flowers cause no bee stops; nor does a heart shriveled in selfish lust draw any smile

Better set no opening to your heart; than to let in and trap spirits in a flood of tears.

Perhaps, miles through the soft and loud wadding of life’s dreary cloak, You had found nothing but a mirage of you in fairy daisies

But at an emotional least, let no heart be in din; and bury…bury no lives in the casket of your dark sting.

An early sunshine may never conclude a bright day; but a spirit gaudy turns darkness into bright rays

Hurt none because you lay hurt; everything aside, its God and others first

Your footsteps may have been filled hateful holes, and your shadow overwhelmed with ghoulish poles

Blood red may have known your hurtful past and silver may have seen the fall of your lids

But neither…neither should itself reiterate; hang on to the strings of hope that God feeds you

And let not the keys to your yesterday open your doors of this day

Hurts, pains and sorrows are as past as the tenses of former times

And your future lies in the eyes of today’s new mines; so run if you can; walk if you may; crawl if you must

But in the dew of the night, breathe freedom

Let yourself in on a free moan; lead your thoughts on into the soul of the butterfly

And when you see the smile on the face of whom you stare back at; when you finally feel the warmth of beam on your cheeks,

Be light and know…that all your wounds have gone up in smoke!


~Ganyobi & Naa Takia


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