Friday…Love yourself; Love someone!

Image Courtesy: livinlavidalowcarb.com

Image Courtesy: livinlavidalowcarb.com

YES! It’s friday; and fridays are a great day to show some love to yourself and someone(not saying you can only show love on Fridays, though) 🙂 Today is the last Friday of the month of May and I can feel love soar from the sole of my feet straight up to my heart. I love Fridays… (who doesn’t?) It is the day when everyone loosens up at their work places but still give their absolute best to gently ward the busy week out.

Image Courtesy: tumblr.9gag.com

Image Courtesy: tumblr.9gag.com

Fridays are days when everyone is in a great and outgoing mood (well…at least most people are) Who doesn’t love Friday in my part of the world; Ghana? Ghana is one hell of a beautiful country with the loveliest people one can ever find. Ghanaians are welcoming, joyful, accommodating and compassionate (a testimony from those who have visited)

Drive around town on Fridays from after 5: 30 pm and you will notice how suddenly the streets, pubs, eateries, and hang-out zones come alive. From the Ghana’s own “A&C mall”, right down to the popular “Accra mall” and then to “eddy’s pizza”, everyone is either giving out love or taking in love. It’s not surprising how much togetherness and companionship is born on Friday nights. Ghanaians love “chilling”; (Who doesn’t?) not after a weeklong of hard work and dedication.

The story will be no different today; because well….it’s “Friiiiiiiiday”!!!!! and I’m already in my best hang-out mood. To those who haven’t visited my beautiful country yet, please hurry…we can’t wait to welcome you and show you some “Love…”

For now, do have a “Ghana style  friday” (full of love!!!!) 😀


2 thoughts on “Friday…Love yourself; Love someone!

  1. naatakia says:

    haahahaha 😀 Thanks for lot for reading my post. It is an honor to have you visit my blog. Do stick around 🙂


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