Having The Right Attitude…

indexJust as the fingers are not the same, so are we humans. Humans are delicate and unique beings all created in one image…The image of God. We revolve around one another and cannot live without each other no matter what. That is perhaps the more reason why we should know exactly how to relate to one another. Humans from all parts of the world are brought up differently and even though there may be similarities, each person’s home has what it calls its values. Be it good or bad, we were all brought up in different ways. Some people have a warm and refreshing personality, whiles others are what I choose to call “unsatisfiable”. And by that “word” I mean people who can never be satisfied with anything. I do not blame them much; for it may not be any fault of theirs. The attitude of such persons may have been in one way or the other due to a situation or pain they went through at some points in their lives. But whiles that gives no one the right to behave ill towards anyone, it also gives us no right to behave ill towards them.

If you are privileged enough to have been brought up good with a sound psychological mind, the least you can do is to try and correct such defects with a right attitude. Such persons may have come in the form of your neighbor whose dog always “goes” on your well manicured lawn and simply refuses to do anything about it, to the boss who goes out of his way to make you feel inferior. Nonetheless, the best way to deal with such persons is to ignore them. Do not only ignore people who make no positive impact on your life, but learn from them. Learn from those who constantly make life unbearable for you, because indirectly they will make you a better person.

Greet their growls with a warm smile; and receive their frowns with a refreshing beam. Make them wonder why you never seem to bother in  spite of their annoying wimps. Prove to them that you are matured and groomed enough by life to withstand all seasons of pain. Do not respond to their negative energies with negativity. Instead, make a positive impact on their lives with the right attitude and maybe with time, you will succeed in making them better persons too.

Be kind to those who hurt you; pray for those who dig trenches on your path and all will end well.


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