DAY 3~ Easter in Ekpui, Togo.

I hadn’t bothered to find out what the washroom looked like in my village, but when I did it was nothing to be proud of. It was as I had expected; old, rusty, and “public”. I was so frustrated that I told my cousin there was no way I was going to “go” there. After they had had a long laugh at me, branding me as “the city girl”, it was suggested I go the “cat” way. By digging up a little hole and going in it. I had three options; to enter the old rusty washroom; to go the cat way or to keep it till I came back to Accra, which was just impossible. Not when that “akple” and hot pepper I ate was heating me up and threatening to force itself out. After what seemed like hours of much discomfort, I finally settled on the option I thought was the best for me; going the “cat way”. I thought it was far better than being in an old and rusted toilet where I could possibly pick up germs and infections.

At about 12:00pm, I went again to the river “Gbaga”. It was certainly the only place where one could really relax and escape the heat from the sun. No wonder, it even served as the best place to sleep at night to some people. The side of the river, Gbaga that lay in my village, was also called “Torganu”, which meant the bigger river. The smaller one which wasn’t in my village was the “Torvinu”. I was now used to going for swims at the river. This time however was the longest and probably the most fun because I swam for over 3 hours and there were lots of people too. The evening thereafter was really enjoyable. It seemed the whole village had come alive. It was full of young, vibrant people from all over Africa; Nigeria, Cote’ Dvoire, Togo and mostly Ghana. After a night of dancing and merry making, I finally retired to bed with a much lighter heart.


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