You Are a Blessing!

If there is one thing I believe so much in life, then it is the belief that I am a blessing in life. I do not call myself blessed. Why? Because I believe that in order to be blessed, one has to be a blessing first. You simply cannot be blessed without being that blessing to another.

Your existence on earth is planned; a well thought plan by the Almighty God. You live to serve and worship Jehovah by serving mankind. To be a master, you must learn to eat from the humble tree and be a “servant”. That example well set by our Teacher and Lord, Jesus Christ. Who would have thought he would wash the feet of his disciples? Well, I know for sure, I wouldn’t have done it if it was me; and well you, know yourself too.

How many can ACTUALLY be that humble?

Our Lord did not only do it because he wanted to; it was to teach us the humility virtue.

Being a blessing to someone’s life doesn’t require any enormous or immense effort. You can be that blessing by your looks, your speech, and your actions. Your attitude towards your friends, acquaintances and even strangers matters a lot in your life. And how you relate to them, is a reflection of how they would relate to you. That is the mirror of life…

It takes great will and strength to shine a righteous path into another’s life.

  • Each day you step out of your room, brighten a life with your smile.
  • Each day you set your foot out, be a blessing to the life of another.
  • Live a day at a time and live it well.

Then you will see the changes that will happen in your life.  It is these little things that make a difference in your life to the glory of God.

Don’t be blessed, be a blessing Today!



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