Forgiveness, is letting go of a wrong that has been done against you. Forgiveness is telling someone, “It is okay; I forgive you” with a smile and a clear heart. It is human nature, that we step on each others toes; it is normal to wrong each other and as such, a forgiving spirit should be part of our everyday life trait.

There is no single person who can say he/she never wronged anyone before, or he/she never stepped on a toe. As clumsy as we (humans) are; it will never happen. But what comes you are offended by someone?Forgiveness!


Let go and forgive. I do not believe in the statement “Forgive and forget!” There exists nothing like that. Remember that as many times as Jesus was wronged, scorned, and accused falsely, he forgave and pardoned all. If you truly claim you have forgiven, why still remember that wrong? Most of us say “Oh its okay, I have forgiven you”; when in actual fact we mean “Yeah right, I’m going to get you.” We then smile and crouch patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. This is wrong.

Think about this, how many times have you wronged God? Can you count the number of times you offended God with your words, deeds and actions? You are still counting! And what if God lies in wait to strike back? Would you even be alive to be reading this? No! God forgives and so should we. He has given us the power to do so. Learn to let go of wrongs; keep your heart rid of negative thoughts and revenge. Make a habit of forgiving even to those who offended you and never asked for it.

Make peace with all brethren; resolve all issues against anyone you have wronged or anyone who has wronged you before you present yourself to the altar of God. Do not talk to others about problems you have with one another. It only widens the dispute gap. Speak to yourselves alone; and restore peace. (Matthew 18:15) Stand on the word of God, “Love God, Love your neighbour and Love yourself.” Remember! If you have a problem with your neighbour and you do not resolve it and come hypocritically before the throne of God, He will turn His countenance away from you. (Matt 5:23-24)

Forgiveness is like a bridge on a river. If you remove the bridge; you  wouldn’t be able to cross the river yourself. In simple terms, if you refuse to forgive someone of his sins, your sins against another would also not be forgiven.

Forgiveness is an attribute of God, that is why there is this saying “To err is human and to forgive is divine”. Pray to God to speak peace into the hearts of those you may have wronged. Do not hold back, allow yourself to float in the realm of God by rendering forgiveness. Live in harmony with God and your fellow man. If God can forgive all the “junk” we do, who are you not to?

~ Peace


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