Suitcases and Bags

Last night saw me hurry
Along that path smiling
I carried them all in
And beamed when my eyes beseeched you
I dropped it all and into your arms;
Your widely opened arms I run
Thinking of a journey well made
Thinking it was to be my last trip
Into another stretched arms
I had shoved a stop sign into my heart
To prevent it from travelling anywhere else
But no; my thoughts were not to live
Though I was in your arms for the
Most beautiful minutes of my life
Another existed there for a lifetime
Sleeping and awakening by your side
And on that love scale
Your love for her weighs more
I’m leaving; continuing my search
The stop sign replaced with a go sign
Right as I came in
I’m dragging them behind as I trail and retrace
My steps back with my suitcases and bags…


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