The Thoughts Alike


In the greens, from the tree,

Came the same fruits with the same sweet taste

Yet they thought of each other superior to the other

From each other’s eyes flared competition;

Dwelling in pretence of likeness for each other

Secretly yearning for their freedom of speech;

Crouching in wait for their strike;

Waiting in anticipation for their time

Swearing and cursing under silent breath

Never for once under estimating their opponents cleverness

For they know better than that

Tis better to keep a friendly fake face

Than to make ones intention known

The secret ingredient of success?

The element of surprise

To take the victim on, unaware

She never saw it coming; she never saw it explode

Hitting like that boosts the ego; sweet victory

Only hope it lasts; for the opponent won’t remain fallen

With a greater force she will rise and avenge

Unlike her, do have the upper hand and

Rob her of her element of surprise

Or suffer worse fate

It becomes like a cycle;

A cycle of score settling

It goes on and on,

Till one surrenders victory to the other

That hardly happens though;

For none wants to wear the face of defeat

It simply won’t happen!!!





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