My last breath.

I saw in her face fear

I saw in her eyes sorrow

As she walked in with them


I could feel her pain

Even mine was gone

When they stepped in


I was leaving…

Leaving her

And my two children


And as they stood by my side

I thought of all the things I had to say

But no word escaped from my lips


My wife, remained by my side

Her vow, she still fulfilled

Even when I was only a piece left


And the sweet souls of my daughters

Eight and six…

Too young to understand remained standing


“Papa, papa”, the youngest said

“Mummy says you are going on a trip,

When will you be back?”


I held her hand tighter

And tried to speak

I tried to answer my little angel


But my words were but a lump of sob

And only a streak of tear

Dropped down my face


“Papa, why can’t we come with you? She insisted

I could do nothing but hold firm

The hands of those I loved for the very last time


The time had come; I was been called

Closing my eyes, I breathed my last.

And my grip loosened


I had left with no answers

I had gone, without

Answering the questions of those little hearts…


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