I Was Here…

I was here
In black and white
Formed from an egg
Born from a man
And from a woman…

I was here
In flesh and in blood
With a spirit and a soul
A being made from
God’s own image

I was here
Yes! I came to earth
I saw her glory
And partook in her shame
The whole me

I was here
I saw the dark
And I held the light
I dined and drank
With crowned heads and peasants

I was here
Because I heard cries
Cries of pain from earth dwellers
Whose tears and sweat
Tilled the ground

I was here
Because I saw it all
The fire that burned
And scorched
Those of the great temple

I was here
A lone witness
To the grace
The abundant grace
That was sufficient for man

I was here
An attest to the idol
That was made as god
Which fell face down
In bow to the Almighty

I was here
And saw those
That fell prey to doctrines
Diluted, polished and
Presented on worldly plates

I was here
A servant from above
Gifted with many talents
To honour God
Through servitude of mankind

I was here
I saw it all
Life and its taunts
I had existed
In wait of the trumpet!





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