I Search…

My feet knows no rest and my heart skips on in search

The one that sees my within and knows my hunt

The one who holds my bottled questions and sees from my eyes the line

Of unanswered questions.


I search through the pages of my life, flipping and turning

As I relive each moment in the my mind’s eye

I search through the heart that continues to beat for a passion long subdued.

An ultimate search for a reason why I tread this path unknown


I search! Firstly for the grounds I walk this path unclear

I search, through many times the memories I had

I search through the eyes that hold in chronicles my answers

I dwell on this trail in my own space, my own world.


Yes I search! I search why the road seems too long

I search why the words from the puzzle may make no sense

And yet I keep them floating

Is it the inner peace I find? The cherished talk with myself?


I search, I search. I search why I am still writing…




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