Home is not Known.

I do not know who I am

I do not know where I belong

I am like the leaf

Tossed by the wind


Each day, I pack

Each morning, I unfold

My three clothing


One for sleeping

Another for playing

And the last for safe keeping


They smile at me

They call me “child”

They say we are your family now”


But as the clock ticks on,

So does my stay

It only takes a little time


Before I am left packing

Once again and moving

To the next house

My new house is a beauty

And of a good family

And they showed me love


Till my new brother got ill

Then “mother” frowned

And “father” turned his face away


I heard them speak all through the night

“He is nothing but cursed!

Nothing good ever happened since he came” she said


I waited on, hoping to feel

Fathers defense just this once

“I will take him back by the morning” he replied


I got up and walked to my bed

As I performed my ritual

The folding was done” Again!


Then I took a last glance

At my soon to be old home

Because, I would be long gone by sunrise…


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