Dark in my City…


As the clouds pave way for the most beautiful stars

The glorious sun steps aside revealing the gaseous moon with all smiles

This is when my City rises…


He stands down to earth and watches a woman

And her only daughter fetch each ball of kenkey and

smack a dry bony fish; pinched with pepper on it.

Tired men and women sit on half broken benches

Wash their hands with a hard, rocky and scentless

Bar of soap, as they dine with relish

With salty sweat slowly forming on their faces

And dropping into their own delicacy


My city gives way to the most beautiful maidens posing

By the roads demanding to be laid out loud for a penny

They beg, seduce and harass the mind with their

Charming innocent faces and deadly venom tongues

Their somewhat diseased bodies, spares not even the younger boys

They whistle, chuckle and whimper

All to find the prey that wishes to have an early death by sex

They have no boundaries, once a male…you are at risk


The night in my city paves way for koku who roams life in the dreamiest way

He has seen his many dreams shattered and witnessed the early death of his parents

He has seen death snatch from him his only family

And replace them with mean and wicked faces

Faces that refuse to help his poor soul and yet

Blame him for who he turned out to be!

He sees a clear but unsure way to satisfy his physical needs

Away with a lady’s purse he runs…Deep into the night


My city looks left, and sees the most pitiful sight

A young girl; being a young mother

She lies beside some months old baby

Her child sucks on what seems to be dried and empty lemons

They lie beneath the dark clouds gathering with nowhere to hide

Everybody stops and stares; nobody stops to offer shelter

Not even rains have on her pity…

They both are beaten with cold and drenched in rain


The dark of my city sees the tremor of a young girl

Whose wrapper is been torn and ripped off her

With her lips covered firmly with filthy smelly hands

Her legs are parted with deadliest strength

As three men sent by death himself pounce on her youth

With such fierce madness and insanely tear her woman apart

In the most ungodly and disgusting manner

Leaving just trails of blood to be licked off the soil by Dogs!


The Dark in my city brings the most terror

And sees the most evil…

You should be indoors!









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