Mother laid there stretched out
Her strength weakened
Beautifully carved on her body;
Great warriors of the earth.
Her outline, heavy with love

Mother had kept watch over her tower.
Like a warrior she stayed vigil day and night
Her eyes never for a second abandoning her little ones
She had to make them safe
Regardless of how much it cost her

She stood unshaken; she had been unmoved
Using all her elements to keep it together
She was not ready to play cowardice;
Not after she had nursed;
Her little ones with massive care.

Mother triumphed over all the dark horses
None could match up to her
Her selfless love had flooded their camp
It had seen them flee through diverse routes
In fear of her fist and great stand

Though victorious, mother had been wounded
Her little ones had been traumatized;
Yet she remained strong;
Strong enough to patch the dug up holes
And reaffirm our crushed hope

She had fought a better fight
She had recovered her resistance
She was at peace; her heart at rest
My sweet mother…
My dear beauty.


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