A World Beyond…

His frosty grasp conveyed shivers down my achy spine
My weight as thin as air; cold air rushing past me
I stood apart watching down to earth, where I had dwelled
A different chill down my spineless soul
The light led me on to a beautiful spectacle
None as pleasing as that grandeur Mansion
I moved an inch closer; it moved twice away
It was in sight but far within reach
There stood another, a much disturbing figure
It looked as torment, it’s hurt as Tartarus
Hades saluted at its opening
And sin, its shame in one word

I remained suspended, in comparison of the unlike
In clear vision of sorrow pending guests of Hades
In plain vision of joy awaiting those of the Great Mansion
Earth lay drenched in its past greatness
Bathing in sin; choking in black dirt
There stood anew a fine build
A voice as loud and thundering searched through me
The Ultimate question, “How many can I bring ashore?”
The clock ticked on more than deafening
Each loose second, an additional wasted life.
I looked on pleadingly, my life and many others to implore
A great commission to realize. The alpha? Me!
I was fading, I was tearing beneath
A fall as unhurried as midnight
Transporting into my departed limbs, life
A new dawn planted the only resurgence kiss
Resting on my clammy breath, a heave of relief
A sigh of truth dawned… of A world beyond.



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