Labor of love

There is no story of love without sacrifices

No joy where there’s never been pain

There’s no happiness where sorrow hasn’t thrived

There’s none. No victories without labor.


There’s not a sacrifice greater than loving without self

Or any pain larger than a soul without joy

There’s no sorrow more deathly than an unhappy heart

No labor as reckless as one in vain.




I’m at war with myself

The kind whose loss or gain you feel in equal measure

 I’m at war with body and soul

And I cannot bear one apart from the other

 These days sleep eludes me

I struggle to forget how much time has passed

since we last spoke

 Thoughts of many ethics

scurry through the insides of my mind

 I’m afraid,

people like you,


that’s all you’re good for

 I cannot love you anymore

Because when I peruse this thought of doing it all over

I realize

our silence has built a wall so tall

only my rage can go over.


Black Saturday

It was a Saturday

One of those that looked like stress

I remember I couldn’t stand the pressure
of cooking your food
of dealing with your sugariness
of loving you

It wasn’t a good time
But has it ever been

Have I ever come out of my hiding
Have I ever shown my soul,
my music,

have I sung to you?





the full of a moon’s tale

The night falls

with me

crashing into you.


A force of your own

Every so often,

my desire to cap you

grows stronger

And I forget that

I cannot hold water

in my palm for long

without it bleeding

through my fingers.


Before the stars

I have resigned to fate

or whatever it is that drifts us apart

Perhaps there is something else

greater than our conviction

that destinies are predesigned

—long written before the stars.


Green Willow

Shall my past

not rise again from her putrid lair

when I wake to the haunting dawn

that you ride on in green willow?


Ghost Memories

We’ve reached
the ends of our love
we must cross over
We both know
the other side
lies nothing,
but ghost memories
haunting silently.

Writing Tips

How To Create Content Your Audience Loves (learning from James Altucher)

Content creation has never been an easy task. You can ask content creators all around and they will tell you, one of the hardest parts of running a media platform; be it print or online, is developing relevant content the audience loves.

Content Creators don’t only have to look far and wide for ideas, interesting concepts are not as far-stretched as we think. What I have realized from following certain huge influencers on professional platforms like LinkedIn, is that most of these people who inspire us to be the better of ourselves in our personal and professional development plans are people who relate to us on an everyday level with everyday situations.

About a week ago, I got an email newsletter from top LinkedIn Influencer James Altucher in which he was recommending a new product, a razor blade.

Now being a woman, (who would rather opt for other shaving methods), I could have easily chosen to save my few minutes of reading time for something else that was of immediate significance to me.

But I chose to read the email newsletter to the last letter. Why? Because even though the shaving stick, with all the awesomeness James says it has, wasn’t exactly what I needed at that moment, I could relate to the post.

James was not only blabbing about how he hated shaving and a new razor his friend was making which he had tried and tested and totally ‘digged’, but he was relating it to a heck of other things every business minded person or entrepreneur would (should) be interested in.

He was talking about how important it is to pay attention to all the little details that make up a person’s life—like making time to shave.

He was talking about how some of these ‘little’ things, as we call them, are important and sometimes play a major role in helping us make significant progress in our careers.

He was sharing with us, a story that was relevant to everyone whether you razor shave or not; whether you are a man or a woman.

He was sharing with us how he lost a potential investor because he didn’t have respect for the smallest rituals in his life, like shaving.

Now everyone, can relate to experiences like that. Experiences like when we don’t make time to properly press our shirts ahead of an important meeting because we just don’t care.

Experiences like when we don’t make time to have breakfast—the most important meal of the day, because we are hard pressed for time and end up starving and uncomfortable at the million-dollar-meeting.

Experiences like when we do not pay proper attention to how we dress and the way we physically appear at an important meeting, and then get there only to be nervy and jumpy because we’ve made a poor impression.

These are the sort of things people can relate to. They are everyday experiences that are relevant to career persons, business minded people, entrepreneurs, students, and basically, everyone else.

This, to me, is what content creation is about; producing content real enough that your audience can understand. Producing content that is of significance to them. Producing content from everyday happenings and situations.

Content creation isn’t only about researching and digging up a 1500 research paper on why the economy is failing. It is about finding creative ways to feed your audience with relevant, applicable knowledge, and this kind of knowledge, thankfully, is all around us. This is what I learnt from James Altucher.

And so content creators, when you think of ways to develop new, refreshing content for your audience, don’t only think far, but also dig right from where your feet are. There’s a whole lot of interesting and exciting things you can talk or write about!


Happy and Unrepentant

And she,

no longer

held by her fears,

watched her vastness

as she hit her banks

happy and unrepentant.