Shatter the Sheen


I really like this poem, stanza 4 & 5 do it for me. Good use of words and great imagery.

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It is a troublesome thing perfecting thoughts.
Ideas float like wisps of smoke
wafting shapes all grey and blurred.
Words teeter on a knife-edged cross;
the sharpened tongue can’t choose what’s heard.

Do you hear tongues full of tomorrows?
Or swim in empty phrases that reflect a twisted world?
Can you dream yet lay resplendent in sorrow?
Have you antidotes for truthlessness when it unfurls?

If someone can, then anyone can – shatter every canard’s sheen.
He can, she can; we all can shake off those chains unseen.
Mothers and fathers, ear stuffed and eyeless can wipe their stained slates clean
Lovers can maybe stop their loving and consummate their dream.

Scrape some silence from nature’s cave, embroider nights with adjectives,
bathe your spirit in tireless waves, seed the world with promises.
For it’s easy to sit under darkening skies blowing kisses toward the day;
easy to shatter a sheen…

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The golden years of my life had pushed my reasoning behind the pleasure and today, dusk has brought the dead of winter with mocking clouds to pat my puckish cheeks.

If regrets were anything consoling then my desire would be to fix the tattered pieces to a perfection where the cruelty of my hands would dare not touch.

Let Heaven forgive

and allow spring to bathe me green rubbing my countenance till it has been rid of unkind thoughts, and buried its filth under the weight of my remorseful being.

…that when reality comes with the morning’s mockery I shall under the consoling sheets of God’s love laugh about my past and feet down worthily touch the warmth of the new beginnings in my life.

©Naa Takia




Dearly Beloved, another week has started and as usual I wish to share something with you. Today’s Inspiration is a question that requires an answer from you “What are you sacrificing for God?”

Many a time we are always so demanding of God. We want money, we want food, we need clothes,good health, good marriages and even demand justice. Have you ever paused to think of what you have/ are sacrificing for Him? Our relationship with God is not a one way thing. Let us not always focus on what we can get from Him but rather what we can give to Him.

In Genesis 22, God commanded Abraham to give Him his only son and though it brought much sadness and pain to Abraham, he didn’t complain neither did he question God but instead endeavoured to obey His Lord; after all it was this same God who gave him Isaac.

In the same way we must recognise that absolutely everything we have physically and intellectually belongs to God so we must not hold back anything from Him. Beloved this morning let us think about all the things we can give to our Lord. Try not to demand anything from Him today, just praise and worship and do His will…heartily. Amen




I have decided to touch on a very sensitive topic today because I feel there is a need for it to be heard.
The weakness of the body we have is just disappointing and it’s a pity when we Christians value this more than our souls. Sickness and ailments that didn’t threaten lives now do, death tolls are on the rise with each passing minute; from young ages to the aged.

Brethren this is the time to wallow at the feet of God and soak ourselves in His saving blood. It doesn’t really matter how your death comes because if you are in the Lord, death for you will just mean you getting to go to a much better place where there is no sadness or tears or pain.

Honestly, I laugh when people scream “death is not my portion!” Whose portion is it then? We will all die oneday (Hebrews 9:27) but that shouldn’t be your headache. Your headache should be where you will spend eternity after death!

Start preparing your mind and heart for the inevitable. It is best to be ready always so you wouldn’t have a double death; one here on earth, and the second after earth. Meditate on God’s Word day and night and do not fear the unknown, it has a very weak potential of hurting you. Be concerned about NOW!

God be with you now and forever more…




Beloved in God, when I shared the message “The world and you are not parallel” yesterday, I didn’t know there would be a part two until someone who read asked me this “But being parallel with something means you will never meet so it’s kind of a good thing right?”.
My answer was, yes out of this context it could be a good thing, but within it is a not. Let me tell you why.

First and foremost we Christians DO NOT move in the same direction as those of the world. Some of us try to balance the two which are completely different; we try to balance them with the thought that we will not cross to the other side (into the world). Frankly, most often that is not the end result. We end up sticking our toes deep into the pleasures of this earth whether accidentally or not.

As Christians, we cannot go along with the world and still claim to be in Christ. We cannot step into the arena of sinners and still call ourselves righteous. We cannot sit in the seat of un-believers and call ourselves believers. For when we become like them, we allow ourselves to be tempted thinking we can withstand and control but in the long run, we do the obvious…fall!

Christian virtues and that of the world are in no way related. They are two totally different paths and nothing close to even parallel. Do not deceive yourself by thinking you can move along with un-believers and not end up crossing to their side. Stay clear off anything that can upset your relationship with God. Be wise and vigilant; seek counsel from The Word of The Lord, it has all the inspiration you need to go on. Amen.




Recently I found myself in a super tight and messed up situation and I felt life slowly being drained out of me.

How funny it is to want to pray but cannot. I had thought “oh what am I going to say to God? He wouldn’t listen, He would turn His face away from me.” I felt so unworthy to even face Him.

Beloved, I do not know what common sin you mostly find yourself doing but I have come to realise that there are certain sins that we must just flee from.

Even if we think we are strong enough to withstand, brave enough to face, it is always best not to tempt ourselves for sin can be as slippery as the tiled floor at my workplace.

Do not wander into places that will cause you to sin, do not be around people who will make you careless of what you say or where you tread. Surround yourself with worthy and good mannered people in The Lord because when you fall into the devil’s trap, you may need them to support you back up on your feet.

Shun the company of worthless advisors, they will do you no good. Desist from tempting yourself, you might oneday be found wanting. The world and you are not parallel, don’t think you can move along the same routes and still not touch at one point. You and this world have totally different routes, when it moves left, your’s is right…as a child of God.

Repent and pray about any sin you may have committed over the days. It’s not too late to start anew, God has given you a fresh sheet this morning to rewrite your life. May His grace and blessings find you.




“You do not notice me” Abigail turned to Ali. He stood dead in his tracks and silent on his tongue.

“Oh didn’t I?” he asked her without looking up.

“Beauty isn’t a thing of the eye but the heart. Your eyes saw but your heart? Never!” Whatever happened Ali? Do I not please you anymore? Tell me, who is she that knocks loudly at your heart’s foot? Perhaps I can implore her pity so she may leave mine to be mine”. She sobbed.

“Look into my eyes and tell
me I speak no truth. Look!” Abigail screamed while holding the chin of Ali in her hand.

He turned his face away from her spitting rage for some seconds before taking her hands into his palm. He kissed them, and then he held her tightly, exploring her naked body and tracing the patterns of lust from his lips unto the skin of her back. She was cold…he stopped searching, almost suddenly.

“You are without warmth” he whispered.

“Neither are you” she replied.

“Abigail, what lack you yet?”

“What lack I yet? What lack I yet? What lack I yet is the love of the man who called me his own in months almost forgotten.

What lack I yet is the soft and warm truth in his kisses. What lack I yet is…is…” she broke into huge convulsive sobs as her chest heaved in pain and anguish. With her face facing earth, she allowed shiny tears fall at her feet for minutes as she clutched her own trembling hands.

When she regained her composure, she looked up into Ali’s face and with gritted teeth said
“What lack I yet is Ali! My Ali. I used to be happy, but now I comb nature’s bosom seeking…”she paused.
“…seeking just one reason why…” She went silent again, this time staring deeply into his eyes.

She fought to keep still, as she blinked away the tears that had gathered again in her eyes before walking briskly away.

She was going to do as he said; going to find something to cover her bare skin.
To be continued…


‘Tis this dusty path that rose tempers making blood flow as sweat.
Endless battles were fought here and a struggling insanity was born through the rear of freedom.
The voices of reason had been heard beyond the wide arms of the wind.
But then men spat chants thoughtlessly and became stringed puppets of preposterous doctrines and ideologies.






Have you ever wanted something so bad that when you finally had it, it didn’t actually matter anymore? Yes, most of us blind ourselves with numerous needs that we do not see what we have in hand at the moment.

What matters doesn’t matter! Those things you have put desperately on your goal chart; those tasks you feel you need to achieve before feeling fulfilled that you miss the gift of the present, it doesn’t actually matter.

It isn’t vain to plan for the future, but it is vain to desperately want things so bad that you transport yourself from the present to the future, forgetting the gift of a new life each day.

Beloved, What matters is now; what you actually do with the gift of today. It is the first day of a new month April. Quit drawing ridiculous charts already, focus on your goals a day at a time. Channel all your energy in what you can achieve today. Leave the future to God, you cannot do anything about it. What you can change about today, is your life today.

Blessings and much love.


It is a pity how small we sometimes portray the power of God in us. Most often, we place God in a little box and limit the strength of the name of Jesus to the breadth of only the humanely possible.

Beloved, Ephesians 3:20-21 tells us that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above ALL we ask! The bible didn’t say “some”, it said “ALL”. Is there something Our God cannot do? No! Not one! His power breaks all walls and boundaries built by our own doubts and fears.

Brethren, it isn’t enough to trust God with some things and feel His strength is incapable of reaching down to us beneath any abyss of hell we may have found ourselves. The name Jesus, is one that heals and saves one time, and that name still lives; still works and is going to work miracles in your life today.

Beloved in Christ, you bear a needless pain if you continue to carry that load of burden on your neck! Set it down now at the foot of the cross and if you think it’s too heavy a burden to carry to the cross, roll it you must! Push it all the way down to cross and relieve your aching spirit.

Let God in! You cannot do it by yourself, you cannot survive this on your own! You need the hand of Jesus, so let Him in today. He is a God of limitless power; He will take your distress and make your feet float on the sea of torment, never will you sink when Jesus has got your back!!! Hallelujah!

So, march through the last day of this month with the strength of a soldier of Christ. Step into your glory and possess every ground you tread today by the grace and favour that has found you in Christ Jesus. Amen