Sooth-Say’ Naught.

Life is a make of cores telling ample truths heard by all, yet none. And our perception of it is a knack budding into a one sided phizog.   We search for what we have where it cannot be held and seek to find readings to perverted acts through the lines of our innocent palms. […]

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I have heard that you have begun, searching for what you spew when you run off under the green of happy meadows looking back only once, to forget. There were no tears in my eyes but from my heart, silver sparkles of wet grief fell into the fade of your hurried steps. You brought me […]

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I hope you will not look back and see the pain in my smile.     I hope you will find none true but the days of our days past     I hope you will come back  with a white rose and a heart     yearning the scent of my kiss.

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Happy People

We had all been happy, somewhat. In our plentyness, our littleness; in our knowledgeableness, or lack of it, we had all been content.   I’d say it wasn’t our inadequacy; our intent to ever feel derisory, or deficient and lacking, but at some point in our modest lives   we had been exposed to something, […]

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Submerge your thoughts in days before now Darn the moments past back together Hold the hurrying haze black It has been long Perhaps this is rain Or maybe just an unconscious faith Perhaps the two aren’t so Nonetheless, you do feel the flow Skin perceives the laze of hairs They spread their thirsty selves in […]

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ImageCourtesy: I am still trying to understand exactly what it is you feel Your uncertainties; your doubts your what ifs; your maybes Could it be the labels or the fear of feeling confined? I am still trying to understand why you want to keep this so open no ties; no strings just untamed and […]

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I often wonder if he remembers at all; that we used to walk hand in hand, kicking stones, breathing wild air and letting it out in a loud laughter. I often relive each one of these moments in vivid memory. What is this feeling that cannot be silenced? Whether or not I want, it still […]

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