A Poet’s Tone

He listens to the howls of the night and within its quiet bosom, he sets his thoughts on a soft trail. With his heart on a spark in the yawning moon, he smiles at the words that call his care To him, this is love and conquering himself His whole self!         […]

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You ask me how I feel? Plugged! Oh yes, Like my breath’s gone to waste Like my sweat’s got no shame But e’en all, no They’ve been rather beautiful, somedays When I got to feel safe, loved, cupped But no’ more Safe isn’t safe anymore Cupped isn’t warm anymore Love, sorry, is neither.  

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If she sings to your heart, why not? Does not a name make the soul what it ought be? Nanouka, what isn’t a woman with the pride of age; a grey sheen of subtle living. Author’s Notes: Short poem written for NJBraso.

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Soon, dawn withers; even the dew Minutes shorten, breath goes Life breaks, and the ground receives There comes the end to much; even silence Then words begin to chase winds Like life. Sober, dry and gone. We will pay that which is due when winter comes and cold creates No peace, like a little gnome […]

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She wraps herself in pure austerity with steps, beautiful light thuds of bliss Like a pick of mild posies, she is before thoughts, a supple aura.   Tomorrow’s diurnal, a ditty she hums Hollering to those that seek Tempting to those that find And yet seemingly puny to both   Velvet! A trinket swathe An […]

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Sooth-Say’ Naught.

Life is a make of cores telling ample truths heard by all, yet none. And our perception of it is a knack budding into a one sided phizog.   We search for what we have where it cannot be held and seek to find readings to perverted acts through the lines of our innocent palms. […]

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I have heard that you have begun, searching for what you spew when you run off under the green of happy meadows looking back only once, to forget. There were no tears in my eyes but from my heart, silver sparkles of wet grief fell into the fade of your hurried steps. You brought me […]

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Scent of my kiss

I hope you will not look back and see the pain in my smile. I hope you will find none true but the days of our days past I hope you will come back with a white rose and a heart yearning the scent of my kiss.

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