I am still trying to understand
exactly what it is you feel
Your uncertainties; your doubts
your what ifs; your maybes

Could it be the labels
or the fear of feeling confined?

I am still trying to understand
why you want to keep this so open
no ties; no strings
just untamed and really free

Could it be a past pain
or a fear of tomorrow’s crash

I do not know what it is
rushing your anxiety;
flying your mood into a ditch
when I act like I’m yours

What is it you dread?
that you wouldn’t be able
to commit like I will?

Or maybe,
you simply feel inadequate,
and undeserving,

of me.

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I often wonder if he remembers at all; that we used to walk hand in hand, kicking stones, breathing wild air and letting it out in a loud laughter. I often relive each one of these moments in vivid memory. What is this feeling that cannot be silenced? Whether or not I want, it still chimes loudly in my ears and reminds me that I once felt, still feel and may never stop feeling. This isn’t fair. Maybe shuffling the cards will be good.

Benny was one and a half; my first love. I remember yesterday like now. I was still in my teens; care free, with no obligations. I loved him e’en though the word didn’t really mean a lot to me then. For me, nothing mattered except making him happy even if it caused me my own happiness. The nights became long and my young heart could stand no more pain. He did me bad and made me mad.

Jojo was my rebound. He was the other side of the first, much better. But somehow, it was already too late to put my broken pieces together. I had already begun to laugh at everything that was emotional. I was on the edges now; deep was no more. We did no bad, had no bad memories.

Ricky was two years, my third. The sides always looked better than him. Frankly, he was a waste. Or maybe, I had become too aware. I was no longer that little girl who gave it all; no, not innocent. I simply took it all…all of the crap he had to offer in the name of love. Bullshit! I did him bad, screwed his ass right. He deserved it.

Commitment made no sense, inside the lines became too traditional. I wanted more, I sought more. Frederick couldn’t kiss me like I wanted. It was a disaster; whatever happened to the French? Kiss good or walk! Sani was a cheap show off; a cheesy excuse for the race. Pete? He was too damn pathetic. Grow some hard balls little boy and while you’re at it, work on your self confidence and then try again later.

Along came fire on his lips and the calm in his eyes; rage on his tongue and the silence of his breath; passion in his throat and the care in his touch, Danny sent me to my knees.

I feel, like I’m ready to give him all now. I feel like maybe, this is the end of this circle. He doesn’t.  I have failed; failed again and it’s cold, too cold for a full immersion.


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Inspirational Quotes

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“Put me on-the-line” (cont.) – Short story by Naa Takia



“I beg your pardon?” Johnson says.

Regina laughs slyly “Oh Johnson, you are so kind. How many men will buy a smart phone for their girls” she pretends to be moved.

“Oh no, it’s nothing. I can do same for you.” He winks at Regina.

She chuckles and brushes him off.

I need a very good and “smart looking” smart phone. You know… she likes to look feminine.” Johnson says.

“Oh yes Johnson, I think we may just have something for her.” Regina replies.

Barimah, who has been on phone all this while immediately cuts the line and exclaims…

“Finally”, I’m ready to sail. Spoken for several minutes and I was charged almost nothing.”

Mr. Johnson, suddenly looking very interested in Barimah’s words, gives the phone back to Tilly and walks over to him.

“Did you say you spoke for several minutes and was charged almost nothing?” he asked.

“Yes… I did. See, I have been speaking to a friend for long minutes as he talked me through creating my very own blog. And at what cost? Almost chicken change!”

“Wow, that sure took a while; and what service is that?” he asked.

He and Barimah chat excitedly for a while, and then Johnson laughs and says

“This surely means more talk time for us.”

For who?” Barimah asks

“Oh no…never mind.”

He walks off happily back to Regina.

“I need this phone now more than ever. With this new service, I hear I can talk for hours with “ma petite” and pay less. Now I wouldn’t have to wait till midnight…” he says.

Regina fakes a smile and laughs with him.

“Yes Johnson, It is used by everyone who wants to talk more for less the cost.”

Mr. Johnson nods in agreement.

Just then,


“Oh no…my line cut.” Irene cries. She dials number again and listens.

“They said I don’t have credit again and Paa Kwesi has gone off-the-line on facebook!”

Mr. Johnson and Barimah turn and look at Irene.

You mean offline? Barimah asks.

“I said off-the-line” she replies.

It is offline!” Barimah tries to correct her.

“Hmm tell her oh…” says Badu.

“You people kwraa, you no go JSS? It is off-the-line. How can you just say off-line?” she retorts.

Johnson looks at her and says “Don’t mind them sweetie, whether on-the line oo, off- the- line oo, waka’a waka!

Irene smiles and says to Mr. Johnson “thank you daddy!”

Johnson says angrily to her “Don’t be naughty! Who is your daddy?”

Regina, Kwabena and Badu laugh. Irene looks sad and embarrassed.

Jojo goes over and tries to comfort her “Oh Renee… don’t mind him okay. I’ll gladly be your daddy.”

My name is Irene! Not Renee” She replies.

“Oh Irene and Renee are the same. Renee is the short for Irene.” Jojo says

Short for Irene? You must be kidding right, they are both five letters. So what makes one shorter than the other?” Barimah asked Jojo.

The rest nod in agreement.

Well whatever, all I know is it’s the short form.” Jojo defended.

Barimah shrugs.

Oh so how I’m I going to call Paa Kwesi now?” Irene asks.

“You can recharge…we have recharge cards here.” Kwabena suggested to her.

“Buut…” Irene started, looking embarrassed.

“I didn’t carry any extra money on me”

“Oh but how? How can you go out without carrying extra money?” Johnson said her.

“If you wait a while maybe he’ll come back ONLINE or call you.” said Badu

I don’t want to wait…and it’s getting late. I have to go home and attend to other things.” She replied.

“Aww” Regina teased.

Barimahlaughs out hysterically and everyone turns to look at him.

“What at all is with you and laughter?” Johnson asks him

“I wonder sef!” says Jojo

Barimah laughs again, this time burps too.

Arh, village man!” Irene hisses.

Oh look at who is calling who a villager.” He gets up and positions himself well.

If you are on Mtn, why don’t you try pay4me?” Kwabena says to her.

“Erh?” Irene asks.

“Pay4 who?” Johnson looks at Kwabena.

“Mtn pay4 me! It is an Mtn service that allows you to make calls even with a zero account.” Says Kwabena.

Eeeii saa? How come I didn’t know about it?” Barimah asks.

“Well, you are not supposed to know everything are you?” Badu replies

Barimah frowns and says “Yes I am…I am a graduate of University of Ghana; Ghana’s Premier University.”

“Oh see, and who is an undergrad?” he asks him.

“Wait oo, are you saying with Mtn pay4me, I can get to call any Mtn number even if my account is 0.00?” Johnson asks.

“Yes! Exactly” Kwabena replies.

Mmmm? I better kept quiet on this one then. I won’t even mention it to “ma petite”. Already, she flashes like lightening, and if she gets to know about this offer…I will be finished!” he says.

“So you are saying that I can call Paa Kwesi even if I have no credit like just now?” Irene asks Kwabena.

“Yes! Irene yes! You can call Paa Kwesi, Kofi, Kwame or anyone else” Badu screams at her.

Irene makes a face, looks down and says “it is only Paa Kwesi.”

“Aww and she’s faithful too.” Jojo teases as Regina laughs.

“Stop picking on poor Renee!” Badu snapped at Regina.

“It’s not Renee…its Irene!” Irene corrects him crossly.

Eeeii sorry oo, Irene!” he says quietly.

“But seriously the ladies for no hear about this oo. Chai, like we don die” Johnson says laughing.

“Look at them, we hear dada; no more flashing.” Regina says.

Everyone Laughs…



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Motherhood Quotes.

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Motherhood Quotes

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Motherhood Quotes.

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“Put me on-the-line” Short story by Naa Takia.



It is quite a slow morning and the staff are attending to some customers in the café. A little while later, Irene, a shabbily dressed girl timidly walks in looking lost. Kwabena approaches her with a smile.

Hello and welcome to Min-it.”

She smiles back and sways left and right.

Kwabena looks at her with raised eyebrow, then asked “how may we assist you”

Irene smiles again before saying “Please, Paa Kwesi said you should put me on-the-line.”

Kwabena looks surprised. He asks “On- the –line, oh you mean online; But who is Paa Kwesi?”

Irene says bashfully, looking down at her toes “My friend bi.”

“O-okay, so face book or twit…” Kwabena started.

She cuts in rudely shouting “face, face.”

“I take it you mean face book, very well come with me.”

He leads her to her computer and inputs the password for her after which he turns to leave.

Irene stars blankly at the computer whiles excitedly breaking her knuckles. After some minutes, she turns and sees Kwabena and another attendant, Regina looking at her.

“She looks lost Kwabena. Why don’t you go and speak to her” said Regina

“And what happened to your legs, what is preventing you from assisting her?” Kwabena snaps at Regina.

“Eeeii was I the person who put on the computer for her?” She replies angrily.

Kwabena makes a face at Regina and mumbles to himself “why do I always have to get the bad ones”. He feigns a smile and walks over to where Irene is sitting looking all confused and scared.

“Do you need help?” he asks

“He said you should put me on the line to chat.” She looks down and mumbles.

“Oh you mean Paa Kwesi”

Irene nods in agreement.

“Okay do you have a username and a password?” he asked gently.

Irene searches for something in the pockets of the jeans she has on. First the side pockets, then the back pockets and then looks at Kwabena with shock before smiling.

“Uh huh!” She exclaims as she dips her hand into her bosom and pulls out a mangled piece of paper stained with red oil and hands it over to him.

Kwabena takes the paper and strains his eye to see what is written on it. He turns and sees Badu, another attendant looking intensely at him and beckons him to come.

“What is written on it?” Badu asks.

“I don’t know oo, why, can’t you read? Kwabena answers.

“If you can read why do you call me then?” Badu replies angrily.

“Because I can’t read what has been written on this particular paper” Kwabena replies.

“And you say you are literate?” Badu teased before snatching the paper from his hands. He stares closely at it. After a while he lifts up his head and says “Eeii…problem oo”.

Kwabena looks at him irritably and teases “I told you so. Give it to me.” He snatches the paper.

They both peer onto the sheet.

“I think the username is and the password is cexyblackgirl” Badu said.

Irene burst out giggling when she hears “cexyblackgirl” and smiles flirtatiously at Badu.

Badu cringes and moves some steps away.

Kwabena takes a look at the paper again and nods in agreement.

“I think so too, But wait oo, is that the spelling for sexy?”

He and Badu burst out laughing.

Kwabena enters username and password and logs in to facebook.

Ah huh” Irene exclaims happily.

Regina, unable to contain herself any longer from where she stands behind the counter bursts out laughing.

Irene turns, frowns at her and asks Kwabena “Is she okay?”

Kwabena replies stuttering “yes, I think she is.”

Then she shrugs and says “hmm, many betiful betiful girl dey kolo now oo. The world is almost finished.” She looks on the screen and sees her profile.

Badu glances at her screen and exclaims “Ah, but there is nothing here on her profile; only one friend.”

Kwabena pulls him away.

Irene takes out an old phone, dials a number and immediately says hello.

oh, afie na 33ringi” she says again.

Badu still tries to look at Irene’s profile.

Immediately, Irene speaks “Eeeii Paa Kwesi. I called you saa, you didn’t pick. Guess what? I’m on-the-line now.”

Kwabena, Badu and Regina all correct her at once.

“ONLINE!!” they shouted.

Irene looks back surprised at them, and says “shhhh, don’t be bush!”

She goes back to her call. “Ah huh, Paa Kwesi I said I’m on-the-line now. Let us converse.”

Some minutes after, Barimah, a young man walks hastily into the café with his phone up in the air. Kwabena and Badu are attending to other customers.

This one is mine!” says Tilly as she walks off to meet Barimah.

“Welcome” she says smiling.

Barimah looks past her and keeps searching…

“Hello?” she says again.

Oh oo, now see I lost my discount to make that important call. Okay hi… how may I help you?” he yelled.

“You? Help me? Anyway, welcome to Min-it! How may I assist you?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that. I’m here to use the café’s internet. You see, I am a young writer and I need to create a blog. I am not quite familiar with the process so I need to call a friend to walk me through the process. Now you see why I need that discount?” he replies.

Regina laughs and leads him to a computer.

“Thank You, you are very kind. He looks at her warmly and nods. Hey see, you are not only polite but you bring me good luck too. See, I just got a 90% discount on my phone.” Barimah said happily.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes, see” He shows her his screen.

Tilly smiles and replies “oh yes; good luck…I get that a lot.”

She walks back to the counter, yawns and glares at Badu who scrutinizes a customer’s faulty phone.

Eeeii maadanfo, what’s up? Yes yes I’m in the café now. So where do I start? Take me through the process step by step.” Barimah speaks on his phone.

Regina eavesdrops on the conversation of Barimah

He speaks loudly “Oh no, don’t worry. Credit is not a problem. I have 90% discount as we speak now, we fi talk saaa!” he chirps.

Just then, the main door opens and a rich elderly man enters the Café.

Jojo, another attendant waits at the counter with Regina.

Hello, I’m Johnson and I need to get a smart phone for my darling lady.” says the rich elderly man.

“Hello Mr. Johnson, you are at the right place. We give you the best and quality products for less.” Regina says.

“Oh no my pretty lady, just call me Johnson.” He winks at Regina who smiles bashfully.

Johnson, what kind of smart phone do you need?” Jojo interrupts.

Johnson frowns and looks at him angrily and says “…and you are? Who said you can speak to me? Much less address me in such disrespectful manner?”

Jojo looks very surprised.

Wombu adi3 kwraa. Herh! Panyin foto 3nnie wofie?” Johnson rants on.

He turns to Regina and smiles “ Aha, aho)fe…by the way what is your name?”

“I’m Regina please” she replies.

“Aha! Obaa nie; Regina ampa! Do you know my grandmother is called Regina? I used to call her mama Gina, oh she was so adorable.”Johnson says looking lost for a short while.

“Mr. Johnson? Hello sir? Mr. Johnson?” called Regina.

Jojo stands in anger with pursed lips.

“Oh my beautiful lady…its J-o-h-n-s-o-n! Not Mr. Johnson. You make me seem too old” he corrected her.

Jojo makes a face and walks angrily away to attend to a customer.

“I need a smart phone for my…” he whispers to Regina.

“For your?”She asks with eyebrows raised.

“For my little girl…my succulent Bernice.” He stands and day-dreams…”Mmmm Bernice.”

Regina looks uncomfortable.

“Dirty old man.” she mumbles under her breath.


…To be continued 10/07/14.

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LOVING JUNE (6)–Short Story by Naa Takia.



“Tomorrow will be enough gain; for when day comes, June shall find me.”Ali thought.

He sat peering into the moon’s core, as if it held something that belonged to him. Then slowly, he traced his brow to the earth that lay on his front. He didn’t particularly settle on anything except the dried up pond that held no life or death.

“Tomorrow then. She will bring back what I am without; a soul. One that feels a rush to be free to love as desired and hurries to awaken a heart from the slumber of a tormented bed. Tomorrow must be kind to us” he whispered to himself.

He got up; almost suddenly. “Maybe, tomorrow can be sooner. Let me go, I shall go, of course. She must be finding no ease with the long night too.”

A faint spark of joy lit up his face, and he ran across the open field that held his heart. His breath was in littles, and as he drew closer to her, he could almost smell the faint tease of her cologne.

Then he stopped, breathless. Before him stood what held his own. With silent steps he bore into its bosom. She was a beauty; fine as the first sun and fresh as the morning’s early dew. He knelt close to her, passing a finger across her slightly parted lips before planting a kiss on them.

June stirred, woke up and saw Ali kneeling before her. Then she turned and frightfully looked at the long body of her husband Edward. He seemed peaceful; not aware of Ali’s entry.

She led him down quickly, away from Edward’s sight, into the night.
“You did wrong. You must go” she cried.
“No I don’t have to go anywhere. My place is with you. Look at you. I know you want me as much as I do you. I couldn’t wait for the morning, it was too long.”
Before she could speak, Ali had his breath over her, and she quivered at his embrace. It was bliss. She didn’t think he would come so soon. She wrapped herself in him and surrendered her all.
Then he stopped. He kicked the earth around them.
“This isn’t right. This isn’t good” he said angrily.
“I know. You shouldn’t have come here” she replied.
“What? What are you talking about? Shouldn’t have come? Shouldn’t have come?”He asked
“But you agreed some seconds ago that it wasn’t right”
“No! I didn’t mean this. What I meant was being away from you; not seeing you when I want to and having you only after him. That is not right!” he replied angrily.

June got closer. She wrapped her arms around him from his back.
“Ali, you know I only love you, you are mine and I am yours.” She sobbed.

She kissed him, softly at first. Then each second brought more passion. They were inseparable. Ali brought her down with him under the cover of the moon and before dawn could call, she was his again and he, hers.

*To be continued*


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